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Successful completion of either DR33830, DR33930 or DR34030. Students wishing to apply for entry to this module must complete a written proposal.
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Assessment Type Assessment length / details Proportion
Semester Assessment Practical Assessment  70%
Semester Assessment Oral examination (20 mins)  30%
Supplementary Assessment As with most of the level 3 modules of this kind offered in the Department, it is not possible for the students to completely re-sit any components missed. However, in accordance with established Departmental practice, if a student is unable to complete their participation in the production and the workshops for accepted medical reasons, then an essay requiring reflection upon those components of work which were not completed may be set in lieu of those components. The scale of this essay will be determined by the Director of Teaching according to the percentage of incomplete work (to a maximum of 5000 words). In the case of any problems, then the Director of Teaching will consult with the Dean.  70%
Supplementary Assessment Resit the Oral examination (20 mins)  30%

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the module students should be able to:
1. Independently organise and realise and direct a 30-minute project, from an initial informed choice of script and cast, through the rehearsal process to public presentation;
2. To demonstrate a practical grasp of a range of appropriate rehearsal techniques and approaches to staging texts, and demonstrate the ability to communicate successfully with a team of actors and production staff
3. Justify artistic decisions made and working practices adopted during the rehearsal period with regard to the chosen source material
4. Reflect upon, evaluate and criticise the completed project, and to assess the effectiveness of the rehearsal methodologies employed by means of a 20-minute oral examination

Brief description

This module is restricted to students who have demonstrated a developing ability in directing, to specialize and extend their knowledge and practice of the advanced skills, methodologies and approaches which are required for directing text from page to stage. It is open to those students who have shown particular talent and aptitude towards the art and craft of directing through their study of directing practice in DR22910, DR33830, DR33930 and DR34030.

Entry on to the module:

Students interested in taking this module will be required to prepare a written proposal outlining their ideas, no more than 700 words, outlining their ideas, objectives and strategies for directing 2 x 30-minute projects, reflecting an initial understanding of the playwright's intentions and the difference in approach the proposals might entail. The examiners will decide which project, if any, can be developed and presented. This interview will be conducted by two experienced Departmental practitioners who will assess the viability and merits of each proposal.


The emphasis of this module is on students' independent learning. Students will be required to demonstrate an understanding of the principles of directing theatre texts through practice. The module will include 10 x 1 hour lectures and/or rehearsals discussing rehearsal methodologies and advanced approaches to the directing process. Each student will be given three 30-minute tutorials where feedback will be given at key stages of the project's realisation.

Criteria for Assessment

In assessing the practical project performance (70%) the examiners would want to see evidence of:

1. The ability to choose a suitable extract from the approved play text, to cast the selected text, organise and conduct an adequate number of rehearsals
2. the ability to take imaginative directorial decisions appropriate to the texts
3. an understanding of the challenges the text presents and the ability to meet these within the simple staging conditions allowed
4. the ability to organise, execute and sustain an appropriate rehearsal strategy/ investigative framework for the actors
5. to work towards a style of presentation and conceptual framework for the chosen text
6. thorough research appropriate to the demands of the text
7. the ability to work within the time scale, practical conditions and limits set for the project

In assessing the oral presentation (30%) the examiners will use the following criteria:

1. the ability to give a coherent critical analysis of the rehearsal process and the directorial concepts chosen
2. ability to justify the artistic decisions made and working practices adopted during the rehearsal period with regard to the source material and to differentiate the demands of the text
3. an intelligent and constructive analysis of the contribution made to the process by the actors involved
4. evidence of an advanced understanding of the director's role and responsibilities appropriate for level three and in the light of experience gained during the project
5. evidence of reading and research relevant to the demands of each of the practical projects
6. evidence of reading and research which has furthered the student's understanding of the work of a director
7. an ability to give an articulate, objective self-assessment including problems encounrered and achivements made

Reading List

General Text
Abbot, John (2007) The Improvisation Book Nick Hern Books Primo search Berry, Cicely. (2001.) Text in action /Cicely Berry ; foreword by Adrian Noble. Virgin Primo search Boal, Augusto. (1992 (various p) Games for actors and non-actors /Augusto Boal; translated by Adrian Jackson. Routledge Primo search Calderone, M / Lloyd-Williams, M Actions: The Actor's Thesaurus Nick Hern Books Primo search Callow, Simon (1991) Acting in Restoration Comedy Applause Theatre Books Primo search De Mallet Burgess, Thomas (2000.) The singing and acting handbook :games and exercises for the performer /Thomas De Mallet Burgess and Nicholas Skilbeck. Routledge Eddershaw, Margaret. (1996.) Performing Brecht :forty years of British performance /Margaret Eddershaw. Routledge Primo search Edwards, Betty. (1982 (1990 prin) Drawing on the right side of the brain /Betty Edwards. Fontana Primo search Gelb, Michael. (1994,(1998).) Body learning:an introduction to the Alexander technique /Michael Gelb. Aurum Primo search Hagen, Uta (c1991.) A challenge for the actor /Uta Hagen. Maxwell Macmillan International Primo search Hampton, Marion/ Acker, Barbara (March 1998) The Vocal Vision:Views on Voice by 24 Leading Teachers, Coaches and Directors Hal Leonard Corporation Primo search Hodge, Alison (2000 (various p) Twentieth century actor training /edited by Alison Hodge. Routledge Primo search Huxley, Michael & Witts, Noel (eds) (2002.) The twentieth century performance reader /edited by Michael Huxley and Noel Witts. Routledge Primo search Johnstone, Chris (1998) House of Games: Making Theatre for Everyday Life Nick Hern Books Primo search Johnstone, Chris The Improvisation Game Nick Hern Books Primo search Linklater, Kristin (Feb. 1992) Freeing Shakespeare's Voice:The Actor's Guide to Talking the Text Theatre Communications Group, Incorporated Primo search Park, Glen. (2000.) The art of changing :a new approach to the Alexander technique /Glen Park. Ashgrove Primo search Pisk, Litz. (1998.) The actor and his body /by Litz Pisk. Methuen Drama Primo search Rodenburg, Patsy (April 2004) The Actor Speaks:Voice and the Performer Methuen Publishing Limited Primo search Spolin, Viola. (1999.) Improvisation for the theatre :a handbook of teaching and directing techniques /[by] Viola Spolin. Northwestern University Primo search Zarrilli, Phillip (2002.) Acting (re)considered :a theoretical and practical guide /edited by Phillip B. Zarrilli. Routledge Primo search Zinder, David (2002.) Body--voice--imagination :a training for the actor / c David Zinder. Routledge Primo search
Essential Reading
Linklater, Kristin. (2006.) Freeing the natural voice :imagery and art in the practice of voice and language /by Kristin Linklater ; illustrations by Andre Slob. Nick Hern Primo search
Recommended Text
BOGART, ANNE/LANDAU, TINA THE VIEWPOINTS BOOK HAVE ORDERED 2 NEW COPIES ON 3 DAY LOAN TO ADD ONE WE HAD IN LIBRARY NICK HERN BOOKS Primo search Barton, John (1984.) Playing Shakespeare /John Barton; with a foreword by Trevor Nunn. Methuen Primo search Bogart, Anne (2001.) A director prepares :seven essays on art and theatre /Anne Bogart. Routledge Primo search Hall, Peter (April 2004) Shakespeare's Advice to the Players Oberon Books, Limited Primo search Merlin, Bella. (c2007.) The complete Stanislavsky toolkit /Bella Merlin. Nick Hern Primo search Stafford-Clark, Max. (1989.) Letters to George :the account of a rehearsal /Max Stafford-Clark. Nick Hern Books Primo search


This module is at CQFW Level 6