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Semester 3 (Dissertation)
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Assessment Type Assessment length / details Proportion
Semester Assessment practical project (production)  In assessing the practical project the examiners will expect: ? a successful practical realisation of the conceptual, methodological and resource management procedures outlined in the proposal ? effective embodiment of thematic material as outlined in the proposal ? effective organisation of resources as outlined in the proposal   75%
Semester Assessment One 5,000-word critical reflection  Submission: one month after completion of the practical project In assessing the 5,000-word analysis the examiners will expect: ? reflection upon the relationship between the given theme and the practices and procedures of concept, exposition and stylistic convention employed in the project ? reflection upon the relationship between the stylistic conventions of the project and historical and contemporary parallels as evidenced by personal reading and research   25%

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module, students should be able to:

  • integrate, through their practical project and reflective analysis, various aspects and components of the material covered in the preceeding modules of the MA degree scheme, as well as previous academic and practical experiences.


Conceptual proposal:
Students are invited to submit a detailed proposal for their intended practical project to the module co-ordinator. The proposal must include:
  • a statement of purpose: why is this project being undertaken? What is it intended to examine or reveal about dramaturgical procedures? What are its unique features?
  • a description of the theme or source material of the project;
  • an outline of the artistic concept: description of genre, style, aesthetic; use of site, space and duration; use of dramaturgical elements, text, action, sound, scenography; relationship to audience and to context;
  • an outline of the methodologies and dramaturgical procedures to be employed: procedures of devising and rehearsal;
  • a description of resource management: the effective employment of personnel, space, budget and timetable;
  • a precise plan for the design and exposition of the project;
  • an appreciation of the relationship of the proposal to course work undertaken.
  • The student is invited to develop the proposal with an appropriate supervisor who will also supervise the practical project. The student is also expected to provide a 5,000-word analysis (critical reflection) of the subsequent project after its successful completion.
  • If the proposal is not accepted, the student will be invited to develop a written, academic thesis (DRM2060 dissertation) with an appropriate supervisor.

Brief description

To complete the requirement of the taught MA, students may choose, upon approval to embark on a practical project in lieu of dissertation.


The aim of this module is:
Students on the MA in Theatre and the World who want to work for their dissertation in the field of practical theatre/performance may choose, upon approval, to embark on a practical project in lieu of dissertation.

Module Skills

Skills Type Skills details
Communication Various aspects of communication may well form part of the practical project: communication with team members, with audiences, with the material they work with.
Improving own Learning and Performance It is certainly expected that students undergoing the intensive work on the practical project will improve their own learning and performance (in every sense)
Information Technology Students will be expected to present their analysis, wrod processed
Personal Development and Career planning In the process of planning and carrying out their practical project, candidates may well experience new dimensions of their academic potential as researchers, or their creative potential as performance/theatre artists, which may well feed into career choices.
Problem solving Students will be expected to solve the problems they encounter in the process of planning and carrying out their research or their projects
Research skills Students need to research the project they want to undertake, and have to demonstrate awareness of the appropriate research context when writing the analysis of their practical work
Team work In some cases the practical project may include teamwork

Reading List

Recommended Text
Dependent upon the chosen topic Primo search Dependent upon the chosen topic Primo search


This module is at CQFW Level 7