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This module is exclusive to single; joint or major degree schemes in Marketing.
MM10220 must be passed with a mark of 40 or better to proceed to Part 2 of a single; joint or major degree in Marketing.

Course Delivery

Delivery Type Delivery length / details
Lecture 1 two hour lecture per week
Practical 3 one hour seminars per student


Assessment Type Assessment length / details Proportion
Semester Assessment Research and report of online secondary Marketing data  20%
Semester Assessment Working in a self-managing team to develop a professional oral and visual presentation of Marketing information  20%
Semester Assessment Use of SPSS to store, present and statistically analyse data  20%
Semester Assessment Writing to a professional standard about teams at work  20%
Semester Assessment Written report on interaction with the Chartered Institute of Marketing for career development  20%
Supplementary Assessment (Up to) 5 new assessed pieces of work 

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module, students should be able to:

* Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of online Marketing resources

* Discuss and illustrate the difference between Market data and Market information

* Show competency in using SPSS and Powerpoint to store and visually present data

* Show competency in using SPSS to statistically analyze data for purposes of estimation and hypothesis testing (including in the context of relationships between variables)

* Demonstrate the application of professional standards in the written presentation of Marketing information

* Demonstrate professional standards in the visual and oral presentation of Marketing information

* Identify and discuss the roles, dynamics, task and reward structures in effective self-managing teams in the workplace

* Demonstrate knowledge of the role of the Chartered Institute of Marketing in promoting and assuring best Marketing practice, and in supporting career development


The module is tailored to the distinctive needs of specialist (SH, JH, Major) Marketing students, and in particular to their need to learn the skills that apply in the world of professional Marketing practice and are essential to career development. It aims to build cohesiveness in each cohort of specialist Marketing students, and to enthuse, motivate and build their self-confidence in managing their programme of learning. It provides an important underpinning to all subsequent Marketing modules.


The module content is structured around the following broad topics:

  • Information resources and information search (Mintel; Nexis)
  • From data to information: the process of interpretation
  • Storage and visual presentation of data using SPSS and Powerpoint
  • Styles and standards of written presentation: reports, essays, referencing
  • Statistical analysis of data using SPSS: tables; cross-tabulation; estimation; measures and tests of association; regression
  • Oral and visual presentation skills: the art and importance of effective performance in Marketing
  • Roles and dynamics in effective self-managing teams (Belbin and Tuckman models)
  • Working in self-managing teams: project design, work allocation, reward structures
  • Preparing for Marketing best practice and career development: the role of the Chartered Institute of Marketing

Brief description

This module develops the knowledge and understanding, and the search, analysis, teamwork, relational and presentation skills that are needed for effective performance in Marketing as practice and as academic study of practice, and in career development.

It gives specialist (SH, JH, Major) Marketing students more experience of searching, analyzing, using and evaluating online sources of Marketing data and information (e.g. Mintel, Nexis), and more experience of the interpretation process that is required to convert raw data into useful information.

Students will: work in (and learn to understand the roles and dynamics of) self-managing teams; use SPSS to manage and analyze data; engage in good practice of presenting Marketing information orally, visually and in various styles of writing at a professional standard.

Module Skills

Skills Type Skills details
Application of Number Students learn the presentation of data and their statistical analysis (including in the context of relationships between variables).
Communication Students learn how to present orally, visually and in writing to a professional standard.
Improving own Learning and Performance Students learn the skills that underpin the quality of their own learning and performance in Marketing.
Information Technology Students will use e-mail, Blackboard, Word, Powerpoint, SPSS and online Marketing databases (Mintel and Nexis).
Personal Development and Career planning Students interact with the Chartered Institute of Marketing and learn the role it plays in promoting and assuring Marketing best practice and in career development.
Problem solving Students turn Marketing data into information useful to the solution of Marketing problems.
Research skills Data and information retrieval. Data analysis and interpretation skills. Report writing.
Subject Specific Skills Students will develop cognitive skills in framing problems from a Marketing perspective. They will develop oral and written communication skills in the use of specifically-Marketing concepts and language.
Team work For some of the work, students work in self-managing teams, and learn about the roles, dynamics, task-allocation and reward structures of effective teams in the workplace.

Reading List

Recommended Text
Belbin, R. M. (1981.) Management teams :why they succeed or fail /R. Meredith Belbin. Heinemann Primo search Belbin, R. M. (1993 (1994 prin) Team roles at work /Meredith Belbin. Butterworth-Heinemann Primo search Marketing Week Primo search Chartered Institute of Marketing Mintel Reports This is very much a learn-by-doing module, rather than learn by reading-how-to-do-it module. Library and oter resources the students will use are mainly on line Nexis database SPSS online materials Primo search


This module is at CQFW Level 4