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Semester 1
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Assessment Type Assessment length / details Proportion
Semester Assessment Practical Group Presentation  Practical group presentation. (Working in small groups, to conceive and present a short performance of 30 minutes for a given location in Aberystwyth on a given theme. A live event in the presence of tutors. Presentation: early December This presentation will be videoed for scrutiny by the external examiner and departmental records. Assessment of this assignment will include procedures of disaggregation.   60%
Semester Assessment Critical commentary on group presentation  Critical commentary on group presentation: 2,000 words.  40%
Supplementary Assessment Resit as written essay in the form of a critical analysis of processes towards devsing a group presentation. Essay: 5,000 words.  100%

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module, students should be able:
1. to illustrate an understanding of complex strategies and techniques of devising performance
2. to demonstrate responsibility for putting into operation, in an ordered and meaningful way, the methodological and representational principles of devising performance
3. to display an ability to work effectively and co-operatively in a communal situation, including in a supervisory capacity
4. to demonstrate responsibility for self and peer group management and functioning within a creative situation
5. to employ advanced skills in conducting well-informed independent research and creative functioning, leading to exposition
6. to evaluate critically complex strategies and techniques of composition, structuring and staging in the creation of a personal stylistic performance aesthetic
7. to demonstrate mastery of performance methodologies through a process of individual devising and presentation and to accept responsibility for determining and achieving personal, creative outcomes


Module content is expected to include definitions and genres of devised performance; conceptual strategies; devising methodologies; the generation and accumulation of performative material; the ordering, articulation and modulation of material; uses of space and time; site; text; scenography; audience.

Indicative sessions might include:
1. Devised performance: definitions and procedures
2. Dramaturgy I: the nature of dramatic material and its accumulation
3. Dramaturgy II: the ordering and structuring of dramatic material
4. Dramaturgy III: the modulation of the composed material
5. Composition I: the spatial ordering of performance
6. Site, place and location.
7. Composition II: the temporal ordering of performance
8. Text in Performance
9. Scenography and objects : the construction of the performance environment
10. Audience : the role and spatial arrangement of the audience

There will also be 3 x 2 hours physical and vocal training sessions per week for 10 weeks, one staff-led and two student-led.

Brief description

This is a practical, participatory module that explores and enacts strategies, methodologies and techniques of devising performance. Each session will concentrate upon a specific aspect of the devising process and culminate in the creation of a short performance work that demonstrates the principles under examination. Particular emphasis is placed upon the professional practices of staff involved, in contemporary Welsh performance and upon the opportunities for exposition presented by Aberystwyth and its surroundings.


The aim of this module is:
a) to introduce and explore a range of conceptual, compositional and practical strategies and methodologies for the creation and exposition of modes of performance not reliant upon the exposition of dramatic literature
b) to provide a secure grounding in the practice of contemporary performance and in a range of devising methodologies
c) to provide opportunities to participate in and to enact the conceptual and compositional strategies and techniques examined in the course work
d) to encourage and enable the conception, development and presentation of works of performance

Module Skills

Skills Type Skills details
Communication Development of personal communicative skill in course work. Effective articulation and execution of critique in both assessment assignments
Improving own Learning and Performance Development and assessment of effective and original personal creative output.
Personal Development and Career planning Exposure to visiting professional practitioners. Development of creative tools that may be applied in professional creative contexts.
Problem solving Effective embodiment of the thematic material and fulfillment of the given brief in both assessment assignments.
Research skills Exposition of individual research
Subject Specific Skills Exposition of embodied knowledge. Application of compositional strategies and techniques to personal communication skills. High level creative functioning.
Team work Development and assessment of effective group functioning.

Reading List

Recommended Text
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Consult For Futher Information
Etchells, Tim and Forced Entertainment (2003) Imaginary Evidence CD Rom. Self Published Primo search Forsythe, W (2003) Improvisation Technologies CD Rom. Self Published Primo search


This module is at CQFW Level 7