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Academic Year
Semester 2
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Assessment Type Assessment length / details Proportion
Semester Assessment Presentation  Contribution to process. Participation in devised and staging of production monitored by production director and external observation. Submission: late April. This presentation will be videoed for scrutiny by the external examiner and departmental records. Assessment of this assignment will include procedures of disaggregation   60%
Semester Assessment Report  2,000 words. A reflection upon processes and procedures employed in creating and staging the production and upon personal functioning. Submission: late May  40%
Supplementary Assessment Resit  Resit through 3,000 word written essay in the form of critical analysis of process. (Supplementary written assessment requires appreciation of the issues embedded in the module in a manner that conforms closely to stated learning outcomes).  60%
Supplementary Assessment Resit  Resit through 2,000 word written essay Resits of assignments when necessary and in accordance with the conditions and timetable set by the university.   40%

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module, students should be able:
1. to demonstrate a mature ability to participate effectively in structured production environment
2. to display responsibility for self and peer group management and functioning within a professional, creative situation
3. to reflect in an analytical manner upon a range of creative processes implicated in performance making
4. to reflect effectively upon their contribution, using developed skills, in advanced technical and professional activity
5. to observe and notate in a sophisticated, structured and informed manner the effectiveness of complex production methodologies
6. to engage in mature self-reflection in response to peer group evaluation


Each production will include 10 working sessions of 3 hours per session for 3 working weeks within which a performance is devised and rehearsed under the direction and supervision of a member of staff.

In 10 working session of 3 hours in Week 4 the performance will be prepared for presentation and staged.

Individual contribution to the process will be continuously monitored by the production director and in 10 sessions of observation of 1 hour by an independent member of staff.

Brief description

This is a practical production module that involves the creation of a devised performance of at least 60 minutes duration under the direction of members of staff and/or guest directors conceived, produced and performed in relation to a given theme or body of material at a specific site or location. This module serves as a preparatory module for work undertaken in PFM0660.

After an initial trajectory favouring self-produced work particularly in module PFM0230, this module introduces students to distinctive- and dogmatic - professional practices and procedures of production: approaches to concept, devising and exposition in the public domain. This is viewed as an important teaching and learning experience to inform and inspire work on the assignments of PFM0660.


The aim of this module is:
a) to provide an opportunity for students to encounter and experience professional practice in the creation of a devised performance under the direction of staff and/or guest directors.
b) to develop students' ability to participate in - and contribute to - professional working situations
c) to encourage students to take responsibility for their own practical work with a directed context
d) to develop students' ability to observe, reflect upon and to critique their own practical work and to respond to peer evaluation and critique

Module Skills

Skills Type Skills details
Communication Development and assessment of effective participation in group context
Improving own Learning and Performance Involvement in and assessment of participation in professional context.
Personal Development and Career planning Involvement and assessment of participation in professional context.
Problem solving Creation of devised performance in group context.
Research skills Participation in production procedures appropriate for successful completion of PFM0660
Subject Specific Skills The module may result in the acquisition of specific theatrical technique such as the basics of a particular Indian dance form leading to high level embodied knowledge.
Team work Involvement in and assessment of participation in group context.

Reading List

Recommended Text
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This module is at CQFW Level 7