Module Information

Module Identifier
Module Title
Academic Year
Semester 1

Course Delivery

Delivery Type Delivery length / details
Lecture 10 x 1 hour Lecture
Practical 10 x 2 hour Workshops


Assessment Type Assessment length / details Proportion
Semester Assessment Essay (2000 words)  40%
Semester Assessment Creative Portfolio (equivalent to 3000 words)  60%
Supplementary Assessment Essay (2000 words) - (to a new title)  40%
Supplementary Assessment Creative Portfolio (equivalent to 3000 words)  60%

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

Appreciate, appraise and apply a range of methods for devising theatre texts

Show an awareness of the contribution of selected theatre companies and relevant practitioners skilled in the process of devising

Produce appropriate analytical documentation of devising practice;
Work collaboratively in small groups to create, present and analyse a short piece of devised theatre work

Brief description

1. This module will explore and analyse contemporary practice in theatre management, administration and marketing in a range of theatrical contexts
2. It will require students to engage with key critical issues surrounding arts development and management, such as cultural policy, diversity and access, art and the law, cultural tourism, and art and identity
3. It will encourage students to recognise, understand, develop and apply the appropriate theories and skills in the context of contemporary theatre
4. It will introduce students to specific and relevant management and marketing systems and structures, processes of exploration, and their application to contemporary theatre practice
5. It will introduce students to the creation of relevant documentation relating to both the creative decision-making processes as well as the more practical management and marketing processes
6. It will introduce students to the notion of reflective evaluation of administrative, management and marketing processes, encouraging them to develop appropriate critical and self-critical skills
7. It will, through a tracking process, encourage them to apply directly, ina particular context, the theoretical knowledge they have gained through the module in relation to relevant contemporary performance practice


Lectures (10 x 1)

The context: Introduction to Management, Administration and Marketing
Contemporary Theatre Administration and Management
Contemporary Theatre Marketing and media relations
Siting: The place and time of art and advertising
Curation and public engagement
Art and the Law
Funding Systems
The European Dimension
Strategic Marketing Planning
Reflection: Analysis and evaluation processes, reflection and self-reflection

Practical Workshops (5 1 hrs)

Creative Design for marketing
Management, Staffing and Box Office Systems
Marketing campaigns
Market and Management analysis and evaluation

Seminars (5 x 1 hrs)

Curating performances
Marketing aesthetics
The Welsh Dimension
Strategic management and marketing planning
Assignment preparation and briefing

Module Skills

Skills Type Skills details
Application of Number As well as being involved in the management of the web-based bokking system database, students will be responsible for managing the income from any sponsorship and performance ticket sales for the project on which they work as well as controlling their own marketing budget
Communication The development of communication skills is intrinsic to all aspects of marketing and management. In the context of their tracking allocation the ability to communication design and marketing ideas to clients (the directors) and customers (the general public) is essential as are communication skills within the management and production team
Improving own Learning and Performance Progress throughout the module and production process and the ability to evaluate and reflect critically on individual achievement attained through the journal
Information Technology Students will have to master a number of graphical, data-based, and DTP software packages as part of their tracking process
Personal Development and Career planning Personal development and career planning will not be explicitly developed through this module; however, contacts with the industry as well as many of the specific and generic skills developed through the practical work of this module will have significant transferability to a wide range of contexts
Problem solving These skills are developed as the students respond to the different challenges that emerge during the process of creating marketing and management strategies for performance
Research skills These skills are developed through the reserach and preparation of material for the essay and journal as well as through the research, preparation and design of marketing materials and strategies for their tracking application
Subject Specific Skills This module will enhance and develop students' skills specifically in the area of management and marketing in the context of contemporary performance. Also see QAA Dance, Drama and Performance Subject Benchmark Statement (Version 2007). The folliwng subject specific skills are developed and partly assessed: 1. Engaging in research, whether independent, group or performance-based 2. Engaging with current debates on cultural policy and funding
Team work The development of team working skills is intrinsic to all group production situations. Team leadership skills also form an important part in the management of the performances


This module is at CQFW Level 5