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The Hundred Years War 1337-1453
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Semester 2

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This course will examine the Anglo-French war and its effects through late medieval politics, military history, and elite culture during the period 1337-1453, utilizing both literary and iconographic evidence. It will encourage students to review a range of relevant primary and secondary material in order to gain a developed sense of the period and issues pertaining to war and warfare in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.

The Hundred Years War was one of the most prolonged and consequential conflicts of the Middle Ages. In socio-political terms it witnessed the territorial emergence of modern day France, the complete loss of England'r continental possessions (except Calais), and an increased nationalism in both England and France, exhibited through the flourishing of vernacular literature. In military terms the war produced destruction on a grand scale, but also saw new methods in recruitment, financing, and military technology: most notably the use of gunpowder weapons. Such crucial developments will sit at the heart of the analysis in this module and will allow students to engage with an exciting range of primary and secondary material.


This module is at CQFW Level 7