Module Information

Module Identifier
Module Title
Research Project
Academic Year
Semester 3 (Dissertation)
Other Staff

Course Delivery

Delivery Type Delivery length / details
Practical Students pursuing Option 1 will be working on practical research projects under staff supervision (see above).
Seminars / Tutorials Supervision Tutorials: 6 x 1 hour per individual student.
Seminars / Tutorials Group Seminars: 4 hours in total.


Assessment Type Assessment length / details Proportion
Semester Assessment a) Practice-based project:  70% production; 30% Reflective Document. A fully realised live performance or media work (film, broadcast, digital artifact etc), of agreed type and duration accompanied by 5,000 word written critical reflection, outlining and assessing the research component of the work (30%). The duration and type of practical output will be negotiated as part of the proposal process. The student will have to provide sufficient evidence for the examiners to make judgments against the criteria of assessment. This may require the submission of carefully selected and presented supplementary material.  50%
Semester Assessment b) Written Dissertation : 15,000 words.  50%
Supplementary Assessment a) Resit as practice-based project (see above)  Resits of assignments when necessary and in accordance with the conditions and timetable set by the university.  50%
Supplementary Assessment b) Resit as written dissertation (see above)  50%

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

1. demonstrate successful project design and application in the field of practice-based research
2. demonstrate mastery of the strategies and operational procedures involved in formulating, planning, managing and realizing a research investigation through practical work leading to a substantial output
3. demonstrate advanced skills - in a range of conceptual and representational practices and procedures - to achieve well-defined and conceptualized creative outcomes in addressing political and/or aesthetic issues
4. critically evaluate these outcomes in relation to contemporary knowledge, practice and research traditions in the appropriate scholarly fields

Written dissertation
5. demonstrate the ability to formulate an answerable research question and design and implement securely grounded research procedures
6. demonstrate the ability to analyse the results of such procedures and a sophisticated awareness of their strengths and limitations
7. relate such research to contemporary thinking and knowledge in the appropriate scholarly fields
8. manage a richly critical attitude towards such thinking and knowledge and ground evaluations in an understanding of different research traditions in the identified fields


The aims of this module are:
- to enable students to complete their MA Politics, Media and Performance through undertaking a substantial piece of original research work
- to allow them to achieve this through two distinct kinds of submissions: either
i) a work of practice-based research in the form of a substantial piece of live performance or media work (film, broadcast, digital artifact etc), supported by a written critical outline and assessment of the research component of the work, situating it in an appropriate body of literature and practice
ii) a written dissertation, comprising of an independent investigation into a research topic in the area of politics, media and performance

Brief description

The module enables students to complete their MA Politics, Media and Performance through a sustained and detailed research enquiry into a specific aspect relating to the convergences of performance and media practices and politics. Students can either develop a work of practice-based research in the form of a substantial creative output, with supporting critical reflection and evaluation, or submit a written dissertation on a research topic of their choice.

The submission type, topic and methodology for the research will be identified with the help of a research proposal, to be submitted for TPM0420 in Part 1.Research projects will be approved by the module coordinator in consultation with the staff team and subject to the availability of suitable resources and academic advisors with expertise in the chosen topic.
Students will work with the support of a dissertation advisor, who will be assigned following the submission of the proposal.

Students who have chosen to submit a practice-based research project will be given the opportunity to present the work in a public showcase.


Independent research supported by six 1-hour supervision tutorials.
The module will also offer additional 4 1-hour group seminars, which will focus on the planning aspects of the practice-based outputs (delivered in connection with TPM1660).

Group seminar content:
Seminar 1: Planning and executing your practice-based research project
Seminar 2: Planning the technical aspects of your practice-based research project
Seminar 3: Documenting your practice-based research project
Seminar 4: Reflecting on your practice-based research project

Throughout the academic year, students will also attend meetings of the Performance and Politics Research Group, where they will be introduced to examples of research from distinguished external speakers in the field and discuss research in the field with research-active staff and doctoral students in both departments.

Module Skills

Skills Type Skills details
Application of Number N/a
Communication The ability to communicate ideas effectively is developed and assessed through both submission modes.
Improving own Learning and Performance Self-regulation, motivation and time-management skills are developed through the module and are demanded for the successful completion of both submission modes.
Information Technology The ability to utilize information technology both in the research for and delivery of assignments is assessed through both submission modes.
Personal Development and Career planning Transferable skills (managing personal workloads and meeting deadlines, designing and realizing assessment projects) are developed and assessed through both submission modes.
Problem solving Analytical problem solving, outcome recognition and the identification of appropriate strategies and procedures are encouraged and assessed through both submission modes.
Research skills Independent research and the development of effective personal research practices are encouraged and assessed through both submission modes.
Subject Specific Skills See QAA Dance, Drama and Performance Subject Benchmark Statement (Version 2007).The development of particular subject specific skills will depend on the exact nature of the research project and may include any of the following: - describing, theorising, interpreting and evaluating performance texts and performance events from a range of critical perspectives- reading the performance possibilities implied by a script, score and other textual or documentary sources - realising a script, score and other textual or documentary sources in public performance- engaging in performance and production, based on an acquisition and understanding of appropriate performance and production vocabularies, skills, structures and working methods- contributing to the production of performance, for example, through direction, horeography, dramaturgy, stage management, scenography, sound and lighting production, promotion and administration -creating original work using the skills and crafts of performance
Team work Seminar discussions demand the application of skills necessary to conduct collaborative activity, such as negotiating ideas and opinions. Where appropriate, students work in collaboration with others on the formulation and implementation of practical research enquiries.


This module is at CQFW Level 7