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Management of Organisations
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Learning Outcomes

At the end of this module, you should be able to:

  • summarise the main managerial roles and skills required at each level of management, e.g. operational, tactical and strategic;
  • identify the main influences on management theory to date;
  • outline and understand the issues surrounding strategic business and human planning;
  • outline the issues surrounding communication within organisations;
  • understand the concepts involved in financial planning and budgeting;
  • outline and comprehend the issues surrounding humans in the workplace such as leadership, decision-making, team working, motivation, performance appraisal and career training and development;
  • understand the wider implications of delivering services such as project management, measuring performance, and the concepts of quality and change

Brief description

The aim of the module is to provide you with an introduction to contemporary management theory and practice which is of relevance to the management of:
  • information in organisations
  • information organisations
  • Traditionally, the manager's role was defined according to a varying number of functions s/he was expected to perform. In today's climate of rapid change and competition, the role of the manager is much more complex. In essence, managers must create total commitment within their organisations to a shared purpose or vision of the direction of their organisation. Thus, communication, motivation, and leadership skills are required. However, managers will not succeed by focusing their effort solely within their corporate environment. Services need to be positioned within the market, relative to their competitors. In addition, survival in such a turbulent environment is reliant upon the effective management of resources such as:
  • information
  • people
  • finance
  • technology
  • To these tangible items can be added the necessity to manage risk, change, quality, and the customer/stakeholder relationship.


This module is at CQFW Level 6