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Inclusive Learning Practices
Academic Year
Semester 2
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Due to Covid-19 students should refer to the module Blackboard pages for assessment details

Assessment Type Assessment length / details Proportion
Semester Assessment Assignment 1  1500 word Learning plan and evaluation  50%
Semester Assessment Assignment 2  1500 word essay  50%
Supplementary Assessment Assignment 1  All failed elements of the assessments must be retaken if the students average mark falls below the required pass mark of 40%  50%
Supplementary Assessment Assignment 2  All failed elements of the assessments must be retaken if the students average mark falls below the required pass mark of 40%  50%

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

Understand the principles of inclusive learning practices

Evaluate a range of impairments and how they can impact on the learner

Design and evaluate inclusive sessions for learners in a given context.

Evaluate the success of inclusive learning practices in educational contexts


This module provides an overview of the key concepts and principles associated with inclusive learning. It provides an opportunity for students to develop an understanding of learners' impairments and strategies to support them. Students have the opportunity to design and critically evaluate inclusive learning sessions as part of the module assessment.

Brief description

This module will provide an overview of inclusive learning practices and how they can be used to support learners with a range of impairments. The module will provide an overview of best practices and allow students to develop a learning plan that is inclusive of all learners and to evaluate their own experiences and practices of inclusive education.


Week 1- Definitions and legislation regarding inclusion
Week 2- Understanding impairments that disadvantage learners
Week 3- Strategies of inclusion
Week 4- Case studies of best practice
Week 5- The role of the teacher/ SENCo/ TA
Week 6- Designing inclusive learning sessions
Week 7-Reflection and evaluative skills
Week8- Designing an inclusive learning environment
Week 9- Working with families
Week 10- Successful interventions.

Module Skills

Skills Type Skills details
Application of Number Statistical reports will be considered and data to support arguments will be analysed.
Communication This will be developed both in seminar discussions and in preparation for the assessments.
Improving own Learning and Performance Assessment for learning will be incorporated into many sessions to allow learners to reflect on their own performance and to develop strategies to improve.
Information Technology All assignments will be word processes and students will be required to utilize IT resources in the research of their assignments
Personal Development and Career planning Reflection activities during seminars will be used to encourage personal development.
Problem solving Students will be tasked with identifying how inclusive practices can be incorporated into classrooms.
Research skills This will be developed throughout the module but particularly in regards to the research necessary in the assessments.
Subject Specific Skills The development and evaluation of the lesson plan will provide students with the necessary skills to design inclusive learning sessions.
Team work Seminar activities will involve group work.


This module is at CQFW Level 4