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Management and Marketing Skills and Analysis
Academic Year
Semester 2
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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

* Demonstrate self-awareness and self-management; e.g. time management; sensitivity to diversity in different situations.

* Demonstrate effective use of oral and written communication.

* Demonstrate leadership ability and facilitate effective performance within a team environment.

* Recognise the characteristics of decision making problems and to be aware of techniques for making choices under uncertainty and risk.

* Analyse and evaluate data using numeric and quantitative skills.

* Use appropriate decision techniques to identify, formulate and solve business problems.

* Demonstrate knowledge of the role of the professional institutes in promoting and assuring best professional practice and in supporting career development.


This module is designed to provide students with the skills, analytical tools and techniques to identify and address problems and opportunities in business management and marketing. It aims to equip students with skills applicable to their specific business discipline and encourage an appreciation of their importance in career development. It also aims to develop a critical understanding of the role of analytical tools in business management and marketing and underpins all subsequent modules in these disciplines.

Brief description

The purpose of this module is to provide students with the search, analysis, teamwork, relational and presentation skills that are needed for effective performance in Business Management and Marketing in practice and as academic study of practice. It also develops the knowledge, understanding and necessary skills to identify and analyse business problems, and to develop a critical understanding of the analytical underpinnings of 'soft' skills such as teambuilding, leadership, personnel assessment and development. This module provides a grounding in applied business analysis with an emphasis on understanding and analysis of data: searching, evaluating and analysing sources of data and information, and understanding the interpretation process that is required to convert raw data into useful information. Students will also learn to apply statistical techniques to formulate and solve business problems and interpret data, and will develop skills in the application of spreadsheets for marketing and statistical analyses.


This is divided into two aspects - interpersonal skills and analysis.

Interpersonal skills in management:

  • Leadership Skills;
  • Negotiation Skills;
  • Time management and prioritization;
  • Effective oral and written communication;
  • Report Writing;
  • The role of professional institutes.
Analytical skills:

  • From data to information: information resources and the process of interpretation;
  • Management tools and techniques ;
  • Decision trees under uncertainty and risk;
  • Decision making with Binomial and Normal probabilities;
  • Hypothesis testing;
  • Statistical analysis of tabulated data.

Module Skills

Skills Type Skills details
Application of Number Students should be able to gather and interpret quantitative data.
Communication Communicate effectively using a variety of media and reporting formats used in business.
Improving own Learning and Performance Show awareness of own learning styles, personal preferences and needs, and barriers to learning.
Information Technology Students should be able to utilize ICTs.
Personal Development and Career planning Students should be able to show personal and interpersonal skills including initiative, independence, and self awareness and critical thought.
Problem solving Problem solving and decision making skills will be developed throughout the module.
Research skills Exercise appropriate judgement in the location, extraction and presentation of information, methods or resources.
Subject Specific Skills Students should develop their knowledge and understanding of the interpersonal skills, and decision making process using management tools.
Team work Demonstrate effective performance within a team environment, in seminars and in preparation of group assignment.


This module is at CQFW Level 4