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Semester 2
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O ganlyniad i Covid-19 dylai myfyrwyr gyfeirio at y tudalennau modiwlau BwrddDu ar gyfer manylion yr asesiadau

Math o Assessiad Manylion / Hyd Assessiad Cyfran
Arholiad Ailsefyll 1.5 Awr   Exam  Candidates are not permitted to bring any books, notes or any other materials into the examination.  50%
Arholiad Semester 1.5 Awr   Exam  Candidates are not permitted to bring any books, notes or any other materials into the examination.  50%
Asesiad Ailsefyll 750 word critical review of a journal article  Re-sit for Reflective Journal (Article to be assigned based on themes covered in seminars)  50%
Asesiad Semester Reflective Journal *1 (500 words)  25%
Asesiad Semester Reflective Journal *2 (500 words)  25%

Canlyniadau Dysgu

Wedi cwblhau'r modiwl dylai'r myfyrwyr fedru:

Apologies - translation to follow
1. Analyse techniques of crime control and prevention.
2. Recognise links between the various methodologies of crime control and how they interact in practice
3 Explain the impact of these methodologies on individuals and groups of individuals.
4. Analyse political, media and other social phenomena and they way they impact both on the methodologies and the impact they have on society.

Disgrifiad cryno

The module will provide a sociological insight into processes of crime control rather than a legal analysis. It will analyse the way in which legal and enforcement systems operate and try to deliver lower crime rates and enhanced safety. It will consider political impacts on these


This module aims to provide students with a proper understanding of the basic principles of crime control, enforcement and prevention and an awareness of the differences between these terms and the strategies which may be used to achieve each. The module also develops analytical skills and will foster interdisciplinary methodologies.

Apologies - translation to follow - for further information for now see CR10320



Of behavioural control;

Of the criminal justice system;

The Phenomenon of Crime and Punishment

The politics of crime

Establishing the level of crime.

Analysis of the data and theoretical assessment of crime and its occurrence

Media perceptions of crime

Enforcement and Control

Crime prevention and reduction

Risk, Governance and Crime

Multi-agency policing.

Different policing methods

Allocating responsibility for crime control and prevention - partnerships and individual responsibility.


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