Module Information

Cod y Modiwl
Teitl y Modiwl
Beginning Modern Welsh 1
Blwyddyn Academaidd
Cyd-gysylltydd y Modiwl
Semester 1
Staff Eraill sy'n Cyfrannu

Manylion y cyrsiau


Dulliau Asesu

Math o Assessiad Manylion / Hyd Assessiad Cyfran
Arholiad Ailsefyll 2 Awr   arholiad atodol / supplementary exam  60%
Arholiad Semester 2 Awr   ARHOLIAD TERFYNOL/FINAL EXAM  60%
Asesiad Ailsefyll Ymarferion Iaith/Language exercises  40%
Asesiad Semester Ymarferion Iaith/Language exercises  40%

Canlyniadau Dysgu

Wedi cwblhau'r modiwl dylai'r myfyrwyr fedru:

After following this module:

1. You will be familiar with basic constructions in Welsh which will form a grounding for using the language for such things as greetings, introduction, expressing opinions and discussing simple every day matters.

2. You will be familiar with using basic spoken and written Welsh. This will enable you to further your knowledge of the language by using it to make general inquiries as to the meaning of words and phrases and asking for information in general.

Disgrifiad cryno

This module for beginners follows the Learn Welsh Entry coursebook.


This module for beginners follows the Learn Welsh Entry coursebook and aims to complete Entry/Mynediad level.

Sgiliau Modiwl

Math o Sgiliau Manylion Sgiliau
Cydlynu ag erail The module involves engagement with others to practice and reinforce new vocabulary and grammar, and to grow become confident new speakers of Welsh.
Datrys Problemau Creadigol The application of vocabulary and grammar to new settings and situations.
Sgiliau Pwnc-benodol Language competency: students achieve Learn Welsh Entry (Mynediad level) .


Mae'r modiwl hwn yn cydymffurfio a FfCChC Lefel 4