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Exhibition 1: Consolidation
Academic Year
Semester 2
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Assessment Type Assessment length / details Proportion
Semester Assessment Exhibition (intrinsic quality, selection, hanging, management) to include portfolio of preparatory studies and unhung work.   100%
Supplementary Assessment Only failed components need to be resubmitted by portfolio 

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

produce a coherent body of works that demonstrate an understanding and provisional resolution of the research problem;

stage an exhibition to professional standards within a gallery context;

engage in informed discussion contextualizing their practice within theoretical, historical and contemporary frameworks.

Brief description

In the module ARM0520 Portfolio Development, students will have been encouraged to identify appropriate ways of working, to experiment and risk failure, and to develop techniques, methodologies and processes without necessarily bringing such inquiries to resolution in a body of finished artworks. Students document their progress in monthly reports.

This module, however, challenges students to focus and consolidate portfolio activities into the form of an interim statement of development. Exhibition 1 will represent a preliminary realisation of the research problem that emerges from ARM0520 Portfolio Development. The artworks should evidence a stronger stylistic, technical and conceptual consistency. Students must also exhibit a deeper awareness of the issues that relate to their fields of action as they contextualise their practice within theoretical, historical and contemporary frameworks. The artworks will be produced for public exhibition in the School of Art and as such designed to fit the space allocated. Developmental studies, preparatory work and associated visual materials will also be required


The module aims to:

  • further, focus, and deepen the research development initiated in ARM0130 Portfolio
  • develop the student's capacity to select and discriminate from within that portfolio of work an coherent and productive strand of activity
  • enable students to develop an initial and provisional consolidation of the technical, stylistic, and conceptual experimentation undertaken in the Portfolio module
  • facilitate the production of work for public exhibition. The exhibition should provide evidence of both the background to and resolution of this stage of research development
  • provide a basis for a more specialised and refined development of Fine Art practice in ARM0260 Exhibition 2
  • develop the student's capacity to communicate orally and critically about their own and colleagues works in the context of `Forum' seminars and an essay (publication article) that aims to contextualize the student's practice
  • produce a coherent body of work demonstrating comprehension and provisional resolution of the research problem
  • stage an exhibition to a professional standard within a gallery context
  • contextualize practice in a theoretical and historical framework


Tutorials are generally held weekly in negotiation with the student. The aim is to discuss and evaluate works in progress and to develop realistic strategies as well as short-term objectives. Students are expected to bring to tutorials their artworks together with source materials relevant to the discussion in the form of notes, reproductions or texts.

Students are expected to work in their studios, print workshops or darkrooms throughout the week. Additionally they will have access to School of Art in the evening and at weekends. Students determine their own schedule and are responsible for developing a programme of work in consultation with their supervisor.

Module Skills

Skills Type Skills details
Communication Articulating ideas and contextualizing the practice through tutorials, workshop discussions and Monthly Reports.
Improving own Learning and Performance Management of time. Independent practice and research. Evaluate progress and adjust plans accordingly.
Information Technology Information retrieval from research portals and online museum collection databases.
Personal Development and Career planning Practical experience exhibiting. Emphasis on professional presentation of research and coursework.
Problem solving In tutorial discussion as well as Monthly Report writing. In developing students ability to discriminate and select a coherent and productive strand of activity. Identifying personal/professional strengths and weaknesses, project management, tailoring self-evaluation to a given specification.
Research skills Information retrieval, practice, research and writing. Image sourcing.
Team work Helps students build confidence to make observations and come to conclusions about artworks, individually and as part of a team.


This module is at CQFW Level 7