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Food Innovation
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Course Delivery



Assessment Type Assessment length / details Proportion
Semester Assessment Innovation Proposal  Students will be required to submit a 2500 word Innovation Proposal Plan. They will need to select and appraise a new technology for their selected foodstuff, taking in to consideration the practicalities and costs of its implementation, along with any sustainability considerations. Supporting materials to include peer-reviewed scientific literature for evidence based arguments, and their own figures for cost considerations.  60%
Semester Assessment Interactive  The interactive assessment will cover collaborative forums, peer marking and review of presentations. In the event of low student numbers, alternative reflective journal assessments will be utilised. 1500 Words  40%
Supplementary Assessment Interactive  1500 Words  40%
Supplementary Assessment Innovation Proposal  2500 Words  60%

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

Explain the current and future challenges associated with Innovative Food Technologies in the food and bio-based supply chain.

Identify innovative food processing technologies for a business

Evaluate how new technologies can be integrated into a new business

Judge the potential of an innovative technology to a particular business/industry sector

Brief description

Students on this module will learn how to identify possible technological solutions to food processing or food development, to help then produce new and innovative products. Students on
this module will also learn how to decide through investment appraisal methods which technology will be the best investment for the business or whether the potential change will help the business enough to justify the the investment. The students will be given examples of the possible technologies with in-depth explanations through case studies on how these technologies could be used, before looking at 'future technologies' and how a business might look to invest in such early stage technologies at research stage.


This module will cover the following content:
-The future food challenges innovative processing could solve
-Identifying new technologies
-A series of case studies on existing technologies and their uses
-Future Technologies
-Novel Foods

Module Skills

Skills Type Skills details
Creative Problem Solving The students will need to identify a suitable technology for their selected foodstuff, to solve a problem for their business
Critical and analytical thinking The Students will be required to appraise the suitability of a technology through Critical Evaluation. Both the financial practicalities and sustainability consequences of its implementation
Professional communication A presentation assessment will require the students to pitch their technology in a short recorded submission, practicing communication of ideas typically used by the agri-food profession
Reflection Feedback on assessments, particularly the presentation will be provided by both tutor and peers in order to improve their ideas for the final Innovation Proposal Plan assessment. Reflection could be assessed if the interactive assessment is changed to the reflective journal option.
Subject Specific Skills Students will be required to demonstrate a knowledge of the food industry supply chain and the sustainability issues contained within.


This module is at CQFW Level 7