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Technological advances in sport, exercise and health
Academic Year
Semester 1
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Assessment Type Assessment length / details Proportion
Semester Assessment Data interpretation  Data interpretation 2000 Words  50%
Semester Assessment .5 Hours   Presentation  Presentation  50%
Supplementary Assessment Data interpretation  Data interpretation 2000 Words  50%
Supplementary Assessment .5 Hours   Presentation  Presentation  50%

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

Demonstrate practical skills and techniques required to monitor and evaluate participants in sport performance and exercise contexts.

Communicate information, ideas, problems and solutions in oral formats to specialist and non-specialist audiences.

Construct a critical evaluation based on a range of information sources.

Demonstrate advanced level knowledge and understanding of theories and principles underpinning the use of equipment.

Brief description

In sport, exercise and health, innovation is always happening. Elite athletes receiving the most up to date training and performance monitoring tools, commercial companies offering new devices, or technology developed in health care setting are all examples of technological advances. Despite the benefits, modern technology increasingly involves data analytics, which can also lead to an information overload, hampering the translation of knowledge into real-world application. It is likely that, in your future career, you will encounter this type of technology.

This module will focus on how technology is used, and what applications it has, as well as the science underpinning them. You will be getting hands-on experience of the equipment, and the data it generates. You will learn how to use the equipment and analyze and interpret the data. These skills and knowledge will be assessed by coursework comprising the completion of data analyses and the ability to ‘sell’ a chosen piece of equipment.


This module aims to showcase technological advances that enable novel insights and knowledge in relation to sport performance, physical activity promotion and health monitoring. The analysis of data will help develop analytical and data processing skills. The presentation will develop general presentation skills as well as critical thinking about the strengths and weaknesses of the equipment.


Indicative content includes:
• Core body temperature measurement
• Blood Glucose monitoring
• Psychological devices for well-being monitoring
• Brain stimulation
• GPS tracking (e.g. in Team sports)
• Body composition and Nutrition analysis
• Agility and speed testing
• Accelerometry

Module Skills

Skills Type Skills details
Co-ordinating with others Data collecting using the equipment will involve group work to collect the appropriate data required for the coursework.
Critical and analytical thinking Evaluation of the strengths and limitations of particular pieces of equipment
Digital capability Excel will be used for the data interpretation tasks to analyze collected data. The presentation could be incorporating PowerPoint use.
Professional communication Delivery of a presentation to an audience comprising an expert or lay person.
Real world sense The analysis of data that can be collected in various roles the future career in sport, exercise and health might offer.
Reflection Revisit knowledge acquired in the previous years and apply that to novel situations.
Subject Specific Skills Using equipment that is novel and suitable for use in clinical and sport environments, whilst learning to interpret, critique and analysz the data this equipment generates.


This module is at CQFW Level 6