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Assessment Type Assessment length / details Proportion
Semester Assessment Dissertation 7500 - 10000 words in length  Alternatively, it may be possible to undertake a Practical Project (following consultation with Module Coordinator and relevant staff), comprising a written report of c5000 words and a practical element, e.g. development of a library toolkit, web application, etc.  100%
Supplementary Assessment Dissertation 7500 - 10000 words in length or Practical Project as detailed above.   100%

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

* Select a topic suitable for LIS research

* Carry out a literature search and review of that topic

* Devise appropriate research methodologies for that topic

* Conduct a small-scale research project

* Produce a dissertation of 7500 - 10000 words, written and presented in an appropriate manner

  • Demonstrate the ability to mange a small-scale project

* Analyse data resulting from a small-scale project, including literature and/or empirical data

*Discuss findings and evaluate research process

Brief description

This module is devoted to the student's individual research into an approved topic relating to some aspect of information and library studies. The module covers approaches to the planning, design, research and writing of a dissertation. The aim is to produce a sustained piece of academic work with a definite purpose, a coherent argument and a relevant outcome. It gives the student a chance to build on what has been learnt in the degree so far, and to develop their skills in independent learning.


Content of the module will include:
  • Introduction : what is a dissertation; choosing a topic; skills required
  • Topic development - individual subject tutorials with relevant staff
  • Dissertation evaluation : what makes a good research project?
  • Selecting appropriate research methods for the topic
  • Managing the project : the structure and process of the dissertation
  • Research ethics
  • Advisor support : up to six hours individual tuition/support from assigned advisor

Module Skills

Skills Type Skills details
Application of Number Where appropriate, through analysis of statistical data
Communication Writing skills; also communication with academic advisor and potential research participants
Improving own Learning and Performance Through independent project management and reflection on the research process
Information Technology IT use where appropriate ¿ may be used to analyse data; also general word processing skills
Personal Development and Career planning Development of the ability to undertake independent project work and understand how this relates to the profession and professional development
Problem solving Development of topic and decision making in regard to methods and research design
Research skills Conducting literature search and review; fieldwork; collection, analysis and presentation of data
Subject Specific Skills Integrates skills and knowledge developed during the degree programme, through an in depth treatment of a single topic of direct relevance to LIS field.
Team work Working with advisor and research participants where necessary


This module is at CQFW Level 6