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Race in Global Politics
Academic Year
Semester 2
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Course Delivery



Assessment Type Assessment length / details Proportion
Semester Assessment Essay 2  1750 Words  45%
Semester Assessment Essay 1  1750 Words  45%
Semester Assessment Oral presentation  Oral presentation by seminar sub-group. 20 Minutes  10%
Supplementary Assessment Resit Essay 1  1750 Words  45%
Supplementary Assessment Written submission  In lieu of group presentation. 500 Words  10%
Supplementary Assessment Resit Essay 2  1750 Words  45%

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

Exhibit a capacity to organize independent research activity with due attention to scholarly standards.

Demonstrate the ability to conform to accuracy standards in referencing, organizing bibliographic material, and proofreading.

Show competence in producing coherent arguments in written assignments.

Display communication skills in sharing research results with a range of audiences.

Comprehend and evaluate the various dimensions of the theoretical underpinnings of race and race thinking.

Demonstrate an ability to synthesize and summarize material in seminars and in written assignments.

Brief description

This module examines the centrality of race in the making and conduct of world politics. With exposure to relevant scholarly material, students will be able to comprehend the philosophical, cultural, and political dimensions of race. The module will provide a transdisciplinary framework for understanding both the implicit and explicit aspects of race thinking in international relations. This exercise can be highly significant towards recognizing the importance of notions of human dignity, respect, and diversity.


This module will introduce students to the theoretical and practical aspects of race and race thinking in world politics. Lectures and seminars are mutually reinforcing. Seminars will cover key themes introduced in the lectures in more detail. A central question will structure each seminar. The Q and Q format will allow discussion and deliberation. Seminar groups will be divided into smaller sub-groups to foster greater dialogue. Each sub-group will be required to make one oral presentation during the course of the module.

Module Skills

Skills Type Skills details
Adaptability and resilience Students will be encouraged to harness the capacity for self-organization. The module convenor will provide all the necessary support throughout the duration of the module but students will be expected to develop good habits of time management and independent research work.
Co-ordinating with others The seminars will provide students the opportunity both for dialogue and teamwork. The sub-group presentations will function as an important vehicle for mutual coordination and collaborative work.
Creative Problem Solving Each essay constitutes an autonomous research project that will challenge students to demonstrate the ability to marshal the relevant material, to analyse the appropriate readings, and to present the results in the shape of a coherent argument. Students are expected to think logically, but especially to demonstrate the capacity to separate argument from opinion.
Critical and analytical thinking Students will be challenged to go beyond the surface of things to look for deeper meanings in the required reading. A feature of critical and analytical thinking that will be stressed is recognition of complexity. Their group projects need to demonstrate the capacity to eschew simplified or binary thinking.
Digital capability Students will be required to submit their work electronically through the Blackboard VLE.
Professional communication The seminars will provide the opportunity for students to convey their ideas verbally. In turn, the essays will serve as the principal avenue to communicate their thoughts in writing. Students will be challenged to learn the importance of proper communication in either setting.
Real world sense The substantive content of the module will offer students many opportunities to recognize the reality and practical import of certain ideas that structure world politics. The importance of race in world politics cannot be over-emphasized. Engagement with different dimensions of race will provide students the forum to tackle a highly charged issue dispassionately and with due regard to alternative viewpoints.
Reflection Opportunity will be provided to students to demonstrate capacity for reflection. Regular feedback will be provided to ensure that students are both committed to the learning process and develop skills for monitoring their own progress.
Subject Specific Skills This module will provide students the opportunity to recognize the importance conceptual thinking, writing and verbal skills, and teamwork. During the course of the module, students will develop proper reading skills, the capacity for effective communication, and independent research ability. The transdisciplinary nature of this module will also ensure that students can cast a wider intellectual net, to make connections between their primary subject area and cognate disciplines.


This module is at CQFW Level 5