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Company Law
Academic Year
Semester 2
Exclusive (Any Acad Year)
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Assessment Type Assessment length / details Proportion
Semester Assessment Essay  2500 words  50%
Semester Exam 2 Hours   50%
Supplementary Assessment Essay  2500 words  50%
Supplementary Exam 2 Hours   50%

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

1. Demonstrate an understanding of the various business vehicles that can be used for trading.

2. Show an awareness of the concepts of corporate personality / limited liability and lifting the corporate veil.

3. Demonstrate the importance of Articles of Association.

4. Show knowledge of the duties of company directors as codified under Companies Act 2006.

5. Demonstrate an understanding of minority rights, the role of auditors in a company, the various means of company financing.

6. Explain why extending the crime of manslaughter to companies or integrating the legal concept of corporate social responsibility within company law has proved problematic.

Brief description

Company Law will provide an overview of the various vehicles businesses may adopt to carry on their activities and their relative advantages and disadvantages. It will examine the development and effects of Companies Act 2006. The module will also consider the various tensions between competing interests which arise from the distinct internal organization of the company as well as from the external recognition of companies and their limited liability status, with particular focus on public companies.

By examining concepts such as corporate social responsibility and corporate manslaughter, the module touches upon recent and growing pressures on regulators to acknowledge the drastic impact companies have on all spheres of our lives

The areas of law examined in this module will be of assistance to students intending to pursue careers in law, accountancy, business management, financial services and related occupations.


​1. Business Vehicle: sole traders, partnerships, limited liability partnerships and companies.

2. Legal Status of Companies: the concept of separate legal personality.

3. Company Formation and Classification: The dissolution of a Company, pre-incorporation contracts.

4. The Company Constitution: the memorandum of association and articles of association.

5. The Contractual Capacity of the Company: Agency, ultra vires and directors' authority.

6. The Organs of the Company: the general meetings of shareholders and the board of directors and the division of power between the shareholders and directors.

7. Directors' Duties.

8. Auditors' role and function within the company.

9. Share Capital and Loan Capital.

10. The Protection of Minority Shareholders.

11. Corporate Manslaughter.

​12. Corporate Social Responsibility.

Module Skills

Skills Type Skills details
Application of Number
Communication Seminar discussions/activities develop individual and group presentation and oral argument + assessments.
Improving own Learning and Performance Seminar participation and exam preparation develop different aspects of academic research, from understanding and referencing sources through the dissemination of ideas to others orally, and developing written communication skills.
Information Technology Library and research skills are fundamental to preparation for seminars and assessed work.
Personal Development and Career planning Generic and transferrable skills including, research, analysis and communication.
Problem solving Seminar discussion/preparation and debate.
Research skills Research and preparation for seminars and assessments.
Subject Specific Skills Reading and understanding legal materials particular to Company Law.
Team work Group activities and discussion.


This module is at CQFW Level 5