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Rheolaeth Marchnata
Academic Year
Semester 1
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Assessment Type Assessment length / details Proportion
Semester Assessment 2 Hours   Arholiad  2 Awr  50%
Semester Assessment Adroddiad ysgrifenedig  2000 o eiriau  50%
Supplementary Assessment Adroddiad ysgrifenedig  Ail-eistedd elfennau a fethwyd 2000 o eiriau  50%
Supplementary Assessment 2 Hours   Arholiad  Ail-eistedd elfennau a fethwyd 2 Awr  50%

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

* Articulate and critically evaluate the practice of marketing management and its application in marketing today.

* Analyse different aspects of marketing and understand management'r activities relation to them.

* Demonstrate knowledge of the role management plays in marketing strategies and campaigns.

* Apply marketing principles to evaluate and discuss different marketing strategies.

* Understand the importance of consumers and marketing communications in the management process.

Brief description

********NB This module is open for registration for Business Information Technology Year 2 Students only*******


'Lectures on this module are taught through the medium of English, and all tutorials / seminars through the medium of Welsh'.


The module content is focused on the following areas of study:

  • Define Marketing Management: The definition of a market-focused organisation. The identification of processes that contribute to market focus. These processes are the strategic development process and the operationalisation of marketing management.
  • Models of Marketing Management: The frameworks and models used in analysis by marketing managers. This will include portfolios, the product life cycle, customer and competitor analysis.
  • Brand Management: The management of brands through the application or marketing tools.
  • Marketing Plans: The development of marketing plans through staged processes. The identification of benefits and difficulties in marketing planning.
  • Marketing Performance: The measurement of marketing performance and marketing control at strategic and operational levels.
  • Marketing Entrepreneurship: The development of entrepreneurial thinking, planning skills and understanding.
  • Paradigm Shifts in Marketing: The changing conceptualizations and philosophical underpinnings of marketing activity.


This module is at CQFW Level 6