Module Information

Module Identifier
Module Title
Return to Practice (practice)
Academic Year
Semester 2 (Taught over 2 semesters)
NU30020 The first module of the Return to Practice (theory)
Other Staff

Course Delivery



Assessment Type Assessment length / details Proportion
Semester Assessment 450 Hours   Continuous Practice Assessment Documentation  Students will submit e-PAD to demonstrate they meet Part 3 of the All Wales Practice Assessment Documentation portfolio and NMC standards. Assessment is continuous and hours reflect module total  100%
Supplementary Assessment 450 Hours   Continuous Practice Assessment Documentation  Students will resubmit e-PAD to demonstrate they meet Part 3 of the All Wales Practice Assessment Documentation portfolio and NMC standards. Assessment is continuous and hours reflect module total, not in addition to first submission  100%

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

Safely demonstrate achievement of evidence based practice in all skills and procedures stated in Annexes A and B of Future Nurse: standards of proficiency for registered nurses (NMC, 2018

Achieve relevant practice proficiencies assessed within the clinical setting (RPAD)

Critically explore and demonstrate in practice the ability to use appropriate communications, teaching and learning skills

Critically analyse and demonstrate in practice an understanding of the requirements of legislation, guidelines, codes of practice and policies relevant to the practice of nursing

Brief description

​​As part of the HEIW tender for nurse education at Aberystwyth University from September 2022, modules enabling experienced nurses to return to practice need to be offered as part of the wider portfolio. The Return to Practice modules will reflect the NMC Return to practice standards and follow the approved All Wales approach to selection, admission and progression, practice learning and supervision and assessment. This 40-credit module aims to provide nurses with the knowledge, skills, Aberystwyth University practice hours, and competencies to meet the Return to practice standards (NMC 2019). To be eligible for readmission to the NMC register students must also successfully complete and pass the co-requisite module NU30020 Return to Practice Theory.​


The aims of this module will be to successfully allow the student to achieve their practice placement proficiencies through completion of the R-PAD supported by Practice Learning Partners, as well as the theoretical core module.


Lectures using a blended approach
Mandatory training and compliance
All Wales Practice Assessment Framework
R-Practice Assessment Document (Electronic Portfolio)
Action Learning
Professional practice
Practice supervisor and practice assessor preparation
Law, ethics, policy and governance i.e., informed consent, autonomy, delegation
Medicines management

Module Skills

Skills Type Skills details
Adaptability and resilience Professional development and assessment of strengths and barriers. Students will be required to demonstrate their learnt knowledge, whilst continuing to develop their problem-solving skills in real time environments. Students are required to be adaptive, creative and innovative in their everyday practice. Clinical areas can be challenging and students will be exposed to difficult healthcare situations.
Creative Problem Solving Professional practice problem solving and leadership skills are integral to this module. Students will be exposed to clinical practice and will be required to participate in the delivery of patient care under direct supervision from clinical colleagues
Critical and analytical thinking This level 6 module will encourage students to enhance their critical thinking and problem solving in preparation for a return to nursing practice
Digital capability SafeMedicate formative assessment online to assess medicines management. This module will require the students to continue to use/and learn how to: • use blackboard/My Progress • upload entries onto their Professional Assessment Document [R-PAD] • submit work electronically • use electronic platforms utilised in the clinical environment
Professional communication Professional development and communication are integral to the module. This module will consolidate the student’s understanding and appreciation of professional communication through exposure and participation in their practice placement. Students will further develop their professional communication skills by giving and receiving handover, writing in patients records and clinical charts, presenting information at ward rounds, communicating with patients, families and MDT.
Reflection Reflective thinking and clinical appraisal are integral to this module. During this module, students will be exposed to ‘reflection in action’, which will see them developing their practice-based skills through clinical exposure and participation. Students will also further develop their ‘reflection on action’ skills by completing reflective accounts pertaining to their period in clinical practice.
Subject Specific Skills Working collaboratively with other MDT members in clinical practice to meet the NMC standard requirements. Students will develop their knowledge and skills in: • professional nursing practice in relation to return to nursing standards - clinical skills - assessment - care planning - care evaluation - investigations and treatment delivery - communication • the delivery of person-centred holistic care • safe practice and medicines management


This module is at CQFW Level 6