Module Information

Cod y Modiwl
Teitl y Modiwl
Beginning Welsh ii
Blwyddyn Academaidd
Cyd-gysylltydd y Modiwl
Semester 2
Rhestr Ddarllen
Staff Eraill sy'n Cyfrannu

Manylion y cyrsiau


Dulliau Asesu

Math o Assessiad Manylion / Hyd Assessiad Cyfran
Arholiad Ailsefyll 2 Awr   arholiad atodol / supplementary exam  50%
Arholiad Semester 2 Awr   Arholiad / Exam  50%
Asesiad Ailsefyll Prawf llafar / Oral exam  20%
Asesiad Ailsefyll ymarferion  30%
Asesiad Semester ymarferion  30%
Asesiad Semester Prawf llafar / Oral exam  20%

Canlyniadau Dysgu

Wedi cwblhau'r modiwl dylai'r myfyrwyr fedru:

You will have built upon the basic knowledge acquired in module WE10910, increasing fluency, vocabulary and competence in the language in general.

You will be familiar with using the Welsh language as a classroom language and will have a basis by which knowledge and understanding of it can be increased.

Disgrifiad cryno

Language Learning



Sgiliau Modiwl

Math o Sgiliau Manylion Sgiliau
Cydlynu ag erail An opportunity to work and discuss with others during language workshops.
Datrys Problemau Creadigol Responding to technical challenges posed by grammar and individual grammatical tasks; students will aim for grammatical accuracy and linguistic fluency
Myfyrdod The workshops will give students the opportunity to discuss language tasks and translations; a package of regular tasks allows students to measure and reflect upon their performance and personal development.
Sgiliau Pwnc-benodol .The grammatical skills developed on this module are transferable and will be of use to students in both university and workplace settings.


Mae'r modiwl hwn yn cydymffurfio a FfCChC Lefel 4