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Work Case Study: Digital Preservation
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Distance Learning
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Assessment Type Assessment length / details Proportion
Semester Assessment Report  3,000 words  50%
Semester Assessment Written presentation  3,000 words  50%
Supplementary Assessment Report  3,000 words  50%
Supplementary Assessment Written presentation  3,000 words  50%

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

1) Apply digital preservation principles and practices to the achievement of organisational goals and strategies

2) Formulate and evaluate approaches to assessing organisational need

3) Assess drivers and requirements for digital preservation and critically appraise the level of organisational preparation for digital preservation

4) Identify data requirements for long-term preservation and use tools and software to prepare data for such

5) Formulate recommendation for the future development of digital preservation within a given organisation

6) Evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses in relation to the skills and competencies required by the profession.

Brief description

Students will be asked to apply the theoretical knowledge and skills in digital preservation acquired in earlier studies to a case study of a particular workplace. This will develop hands-on skills in how to ensure the long-term accessibility to digital information through the development and administration of a digital preservation programme.


The theory behind the implementation of digital preservation techniques is covered by DSM6010. This module will enable students to apply the theory learned to their workplace or an appropriate placement. This module aims to guide students through the process of applying theoretical principles of digital preservation through a project based in-depth case study.


Digital preservation – organisational context
Analysing and understanding the organisational context in which digital preservation will be undertaken and the policies required to under-pin this.

The data
Identifying and understanding the location, format and requirements of the data which is to be preserved.

Managing the data
Appraisal and selection of data along with tools and processes for preparing the data for long-term storage and access.

Strategies for action
Analyses and understanding to enable the preparation of a strategy for the long-term management of an organisation’s data.

Module Skills

Skills Type Skills details
Application of Number Data analysis, structuring and sorting.
Communication A requirement to discuss and collaborate with members of the group in online fora.
Improving own Learning and Performance Use of professional sources and documentation will foster student awareness of available learning resources, and improve critical and evaluatory skills.
Information Technology IT skills are integral to coursework and presentation of assignments, along with computer based practical exercises.
Personal Development and Career planning The module provides an opportunity to critically evaluate professional practice.
Problem solving Assignment work and online activities will utilise professional scenarios in which strategies for dealing with particular issues and problems need to be formulated.
Research skills Assignment preparation will require the identification and location of relevant academic and professional literature, and best practice within the profession.
Subject Specific Skills Professional skills in the management and preservation of digital information will be developed.
Team work This will be developed through activities within the delivery of the module.


This module is at CQFW Level 7