Before you can be known as a full-time or part-time student at Aberystwyth University you need to complete registration at the start of session. This can only be done once you are in Aberystwyth. Please check programme details on the website. In order to avoid congestion it is essential you attend at the time shown.

Staff from your academic department(s) will help you to choose your modules and once this has been done you will be asked to complete registration on-line from a computer within the University’s intranet. In order to be able to register you must have activated your University email account ( You will be able to activate your email account shortly before your course begins, and we will send you an email telling you when and how you can do this.

Online registration is accessed via the ‘Student Record’ link on the web at under the ‘Your Sites’ heading.  When you sign on to your student record you should click on the online ‘Registration’ task under ‘Your Tasks’ heading.  You will then be guided through the process which will ask you to confirm your ‘Personal Details’Addresses’‘Study Scheme’ and ‘Modules’.  Once you have completed registration you will receive a confirmation email which will list your study scheme and modules.  You can register from any University computer room or use your own computer as long as it is connected to the University network and within the University intranet.

If you have any queries concerning undergraduate registration, please contact the Academic Quality and Records Office (email:, tel: 01970 628515/622787). It is important to inform the Academic Quality and Records Office if you are unable to register on time.  Please note: If you do not complete registration, you will not be a registered student and your access to University facilities will be suspended.