Weekly Bulletin

The Weekly Bulletin is emailed to staff and students every Thursday. It keeps you up to date with important announcements, news and events.

Frequently asked questions

Who is the Weekly Bulletin for, and can I submit content?

The Weekly Bulletin is for staff and students and contains Aberystwyth University-related news, events and announcements only.

Any member of staff or student can suggest an item for the Bulletin by emailing communications@aber.ac.uk. We will consider items including information about external events, fundraising efforts, or anything not directly related to the University, but it will be on a case-by-case basis.

Submissions must be relevant to a wide audience, whether staff and/or students. For smaller events or targeted messages, please consider using departmental newsletters or mailing lists.


How can I submit an item?

If you have some news that all staff and/or students need to know, please email communications@aber.ac.uk by 17:00 on the Monday of the week of publication. If it arrives later, it may not be featured that week.

Please keep your items to a maximum of 100 words and include contact details or a link to more information if necessary. Please avoid jargon or acronyms and send any relevant images if you have them. All items may be edited for brevity and to match house style.

We often get a high number of submissions, and editorial decisions on inclusion are based on the number of items we have that week, and other key item priorities.

What are your tips for submitting an item?

  • Stick to less than 100 words and with a short title.
  • Avoid acronyms or jargon.
  • We have both staff and student editions – please specify if you’d only like your content to appear in one version.
  • Include staff job titles where possible and relevant.
  • Keep item headings short.
  • Provide a link to online content if necessary.
  • Images need to be high quality and you must have the right to use them. Provide a picture credit where necessary.
  • Include key information such as dates, deadlines and contact points.
  • We can include videos, links to PDFs or documents (but not attachments) and images.
  • All submissions received will be considered; we won’t get in touch unless we have queries about your item.

What is the word count for items?

All items are subject to editing. They should be no longer than 100 words. If the word count exceeds this, please include a link to the relevant webpage.

Sharing shorter articles with a consistent word count and short title will help ensure that readers can easily find the content that's of interest to them.

How can I submit images?

Images should be eye-catching and appropriate to the item submitted.

Contributors should ensure that they have permission to use an image and provide a picture credit. Ideally, images should be in landscape mode to increase their chance of being used. Poor quality or blurred images will not be included.

Large group shots of people and logos may not resize well and should be added to webpages instead. The same image or logo will not be used more than once in any one Bulletin.

For accessibility purposes, graphics should not include significant amounts of text.

Repeat submissions

We can only guarantee a news item or event will be shared in a maximum of two Weekly Bulletins. This makes sure everyone has the opportunity to have their items shared. If you submit the same item for a third Weekly Bulletin, inclusion will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please let us know if you only want your item to feature in one Bulletin.

What if I need to change or withdraw my item?

Please email communications@aber.ac.uk as soon as possible with your request.

Is my data protected?

The Bulletin will be created and sent using Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Dynamics 365 provides information on how the Bulletin is used, such as how many people open it, and which items are of most interest. The Communications team will use an aggregated form of this data to help ensure that the Bulletin content is as relevant as possible. 

Individual users’ activity will not be monitored, and no personal data will be shared with any other teams within the University, or with third parties. The data is hosted in the UK and the information will not be used to make decisions about or take actions in respect of you personally.

How can I give feedback?

If you have any questions about the Bulletin, please contact communications@aber.ac.uk.

If you have technical feedback on the Weekly Bulletin, please email is@aber.ac.uk