DLS - Past Examination Papers


Semester 2


BG11410 - Cyflwyniad i Systemau Cynyrchu da Byw

BG12110 - Amrywiaeth Microbau

BG13320 - Bioleg Cymhwysol Anifeiliaid

BG20420 - Systemau Cynyrchu Da Byw

BG30820 - Gwyddor Cynyrchu Da Byw

BR20420 - Livestock Production Systems

BR01440 - Organisms and the Environment

BR10110 - Introduction to Conservation

BR10420 - Business, Economics and Land Use

BR10720 - Crop and Grassland Management

BR11010 - Equine Exercise Physiology

BR11410 - Introduction to Livestock Production Systems

BR12010 - Metabolism

BR12510 - Biological Thought and Discovery

BR13320 - Applied Animal Biology

BR13720 - Molecular Biochemistry

BR14210 - Equine Study Tour

BR14910 - Soils and their Management

BR15420 - Disease Diagnosis and Control

BR15520 - Equine Industry and Study Tour

BR21120 - Climate Change: Plants, Animals and Ecosystems

BR21420 - Ecological Surveying

BR21520 - Equine and Human Exercise Physiology

BR21820 - Chromosome Dynamics

BR21920 - Food, Farming and the Environment

BR22020 - Freshwater Biology

BR22220 - Immunology

BR23920 - Behavioural Ecology

BR25220 - Animal Breeding: Genetics and Reproduction

BR25920 - Cell and Cancer Biology

BR26020 - Environmental Microbiology and Monitoring

BR26820 - Vertebrate Zoology

BR27220 - Wildlife Management

BR27620 - Agronomy and Crop Improvement

BR30420 - Sustainable Land Management

BR30820 - Livestock Production Science

BR32520 - Equine Stud Management

BR33220 - Fish Biology, Fisheries and Aquaculture

BR33720 - Microbial Pathogenesis

BR33820 - Parasitology

BR34520 - Wildlife Conservation

BR35520 - Biotechnology

BR35620 - Environmental Regulation and Consultancy

BR36020 - Molecular Biology of Development

BR36820 - Veterinary Pharmacology and Disease Control

BR36920 - Exercise Management in Health and Chronic Disease

BR37220 - Crop and Grassland Production Science

BRM0320 - Livestock Nutrition

BRM0620 - Crop Biotechnology

BRM5120 - Grassland Science

BRM5320 - Equine Nutrition

BRM5420 Livestock Production Science

BRM6220 - Understanding Equine Action: From Anatomy to Behaviour

RD10810 - Introduction to Livestock Production Systems

RD11210 - Animal Science

RD11420 - Business, Economics and Land Use

RD11520 - Crop and Grassland Management

RD12220 - Soil and Plant Science

RD20420 - Food, Farming and the Environment

RD22220 - Agronomy and Crop Improvement

RD23420 - Livestock Production Systems

RD27620 - Agronomy and Crop Improvement