Focusing on patterns of human behaviour, the social relationships people form and the societies and wider cultures in which they dwell, sociologists strive to understand social and organisational institutions and how people act within these contexts. By examining the political landscape and considering contemporary issues such as crime, education, social welfare, inequality, religion, race and gender, and through adopting theoretical and evidence-based stances to critique society, sociologists can bring about transformative change to create a better world for all.  

  • Focus on practical, field-based skills.
  • Research-led teaching.

Why study Sociology at Aberystwyth University?

  • We emphasise the value and significance of a field-based approach to Sociology, with field exercises being integrated into lecture modules 
  • We integrate more applied perspectives into the teaching that we undertake on key themes and concepts in Sociology to demonstrate its real-world significance  
  • We draw on our research strengths and to ensure that students are exposed to cutting-edge theoretical and empirical understandings of the social world. 


Sociology is a fascinating field of study, leading to a wide range of career opportunities in the public and private sector, including charitable and voluntary organisations, police and probation services, community and youth work, education, local government and the media. 


Sociology students have access to the Think Tank, which provides a flexible space for collaborative student working. The Think Tank enables students to work on group and individual projects while being able to access staff and facilities in the department.  


Research in the Department is transdisciplinary and considers a wide range of sociological themes Our research groups explore various aspects of political sociology, cultural identity, migration, urbanization, digital life and social theory. The Department has provided the hub for a series of major international research projects exploring the impacts of globalization on rural communities, socio-economic change and development in Europe, changing patterns of mobility, and the impacts of smart technology on society.  

Study or Work Abroad

Aberystwyth University offers every student the opportunity to study, volunteer or work in another country either for an academic year, a single semester, or a few weeks during your holidays.

Find more information on our Global Opportunities webpages.

Studying through the medium of Welsh

Aberystwyth University prides itself on being a bilingual University. As a leading Welsh university, we are proud to offer dedicated support services and Halls of Residence for Welsh-speaking students, encouraging the sense of community and the feeling of a home away from home. Qualifying students will automatically receive the University's Welsh-medium scholarships and can also apply for Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol scholarships. Find out more about our Welsh Medium Scholarships here.