Section 8.5 - Strategic Fit

Where successful, collaborative partnership provision offers a wide range of benefits which support the University in achieving its core strategic aims as outlined in the Strategic Plan 2018-2023. These include:  

Education and student experience - to empower students to unlock their own potential and to develop as independent learners.

Research and Innovation with impact - to support and develop researchers to undertake research with impact of world leading quality

Contribution to society - to make a significant contribution to communities in Wales and beyond. To understand our responsibility and our accountability to society. To be accessible, relevant and engaged with our communities and stakeholders.

International engagement - to be a desirable partner for international institutions who share our aims and aspirations. To instil our graduates with a rigorous academic training and with the values of global and national citizenship.

Welsh language and culture - to improve and enhance Welsh-medium opportunities for our staff, students and visitors. To promote the language and culture of our country, and contribute towards a greater national and international `understanding of the socio-economic needs of Wales.

Academic Partnerships also align with the AU Marketing and Student Recruitment Strategy, 2019-2023 “…through identifying and realising opportunities” in “targeted international markets.”

Faculties and the Academic Partnerships Office strive “to deliver a growing number of students of the calibre required to thrive at this University” liaising with Partner Institutions and AU support departments such as the International English Centre, Admissions and the International Office to “deliver what the student recruitment market wants and being nimble at cultivating new opportunities.”

For further details please see:

AU Marketing and Student Recruitment Strategy, 2019-2023

Student Recruitment and Marketing Strategy Action Plan

Going forwards, Aberystwyth University is taking a pro-active approach to:

  • Seek quality overseas partners who can deliver franchised and validated provision;
  • Seek quality MOA/MOU agreements to actively promote regular staff and student exchanges;
  • Design and establish high quality academic programmes which can be quickly adapted and delivered overseas;
  • Design high quality foundation programmes which may be franchised to both strategic UK FE partners and partners overseas;
  • Design and deliver an intensive English Language Training Programme which can be delivered in partnership with overseas institutions;
  • Establish strategic alliances with UK school and FE partners through which incoming students may be prepared to study at FHEQ level 5 and above;
  • Develop internationally reaching E-DL programmes with major international HEIs;
  • Promote all the qualifications deliverable by us in order to reach the widest possible market;
  • Aim to further the E-learning arm of the University to reach a wider international audience;
  • Make strategic decisions based on sound data analytics and market analysis.