Prof Alan Clarke BA (Hons); BPhil; PhD

Prof Alan Clarke


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My areas of special interest include the application of sociological approaches to the understanding of crime and crime control policy; the use of social science research methods and methodologies to evaluate the impact of policies and programmes designed to reduce crime and offending behaviour; and the relationship between research and policy.

I have undertaken research studies funded by a variety of organizations such as the Home Office, Prison Service, Youth Justice Board, Sentencing Advisory Panel and the Economic and Social Research Council. Major research topics include:

  • a regional analysis of variation in criminal offending in England and Wales;
  • an evaluation of a mentoring intervention project for young people at risk of offending;
  • a study of the nature and effectiveness of drugs throughcare for prisoners;
  • an investigation into attitudes towards date rape and relationship rape;
  • an evaluation of appropriate adult schemes;
  • a qualitative study of accredited offending behaviour programmes in prisons;
  • a study of the use of forensic evidence in the investigation of serious crime.

I am particularly interested in developing evaluation research methods and methodologies in criminal justice contexts and applying qualitative methods in criminological research.



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