Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’ve misplaced my degree certificate, how do I obtain a duplicate?

A: If you gained your degree from Aberystwyth University, please click the following link here. Or alternatively, email

If you gained your degree from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth then follow the link here.


Q: How do I obtain a transcript of my degree for further study or employment?

A: Please visit the following link here. Or alternatively, please email


Q: Where can I obtain a reference from?

A: For academic references, please contact either a specific member of academic staff, or alternatively contact the administrative staff for your chosen academic department. For employment references, please contact your former line manager. The University Directory can be found here


Q: I’ve lost contact with a friend that I attended Aberystwyth University with, how do I get back in contact with them?

A: You can contact them through registering on the Alumni Portal or by directly contacting our Development and Alumni Relations team at

Please see here for information about how the University handles your data.