Jerry Evans

Jerry graduated from Aber in 1984 with a BSc in Geography. After working as an analyst in The City at a series of investment banks, he then became involved in funding/advising start-up businesses, and also most recently teaching business at a college in London.

What do you remember most about your time at Aber?

Aberystwyth was a great place to both socially and academically develop. You would expect an excellent university such as Aber to provide first class learning, but it also s a great place to develop your social skills, which will be just as important for career development in the ‘outside world’.

What are you doing now career-wise and how has your Aberystwyth Degree helped?

I spent 17 years working as an analyst in The City at a series of investment banks. I then became involved in funding/advising of start-up businesses, including one of my own; whilst most recently becoming involved in business teaching at a college in London. Aberystwyth helped me in two main ways; firstly its up-to-date and dedicated degree courses were respected and beneficial to me when applying for jobs. Secondly the close friendships I made, which have all lasted to this day, creating a permanent reminder of the great times we all had at Aber.

What advice would you have for a student doing your course now?

Because Geography is so diverse, make sure that after enjoying the wide variety of first year topics, you do focus too narrowly, too fast, as to get most success in today’s world, the skill of inter-disciplinary linking gives geographers an advantage and a step-up on most other people. Remember that a geography degree is very recognisable as useful in many different employment environments, so when studying at university, do what you enjoy, knowing that it will be looked upon highly in the post-university area of work.