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Dr Sian Lloyd-Williams

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School of Education

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Siân completed her first degree In Communication at Bangor University in 2001 and spent the next few years working in the media industry. She returned to Bangor University in 2004 and graduated in 2007 in Psychology with Child and Language Development. She completed an MA in Linguistics at Bangor University in 2008 whilst working as an assistant researcher at the ESRC Centre for Research on Bilingualism in Theory and Practice with the Corpus-based research group where she's also a research fellow. She went on to undertake a PhD at the department of education and Lifelong Learning at Bangor University, where she also undertook various lecturing responsibilities. Her doctoral research looks at 'The effect of language input on Welsh/English bilingual children's use of the Welsh Answering System'. Siân started her current lecturing position in the department of Education and Lifelong Learning at Aberystwyth University in September 2012.



Siân's personal research includes aspects relating to bilingualsim and multilingualism, language acquisition, dyslexia, assessment, code-switching and language maintenance.

Her present research looks at how bilingual English / Welsh children acquire complex structures in a minority language such as Welsh. In particular she's looking at the Welsh answering system, a complex system where children are required to learn and use system that includes echo and non-echo forms. In addition, the research highlights the need for structured assessments / test intervention / support resources to promote Welsh / English children's use of complex systems accurately and effectively.

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