‘ContemPo’, which was founded in 2006, is the everyday or ‘working’ title of the Centre for Contemporary Poetry, which is a collaborative research centre co-ordinated by the English Departments of the ‘triangular core’ of Aberystwyth University (Co-ordinator, Peter Barry), Northumbria University (Co-ordinator: Ian Davidson), and the University of Brighton (Co-ordinator John Wrighton).

It is a ‘critical/creative’ grouping devoted to the interests of poets who are also academics, academics who are also poets, and those who are ‘merely’ one or the other. Contempo has a special (but not exclusive) interest in investigating experimental and performance poetries and their poetics.

Its core-activity is a programme of video-linked papers, seminars, and performances by academics, postgraduate students, and invitees of the three full-member institutions. For further information visit the ContemPo web site.