Prof Richard Marggraf Turley

BA, PhD (Leeds)

Prof Richard Marggraf Turley

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Department of English & Creative Writing

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Richard is author of several books on the Romantics, including Keats's Boyish Imagination (2004), Bright Stars: John Keats, Barry Cornwall and Romantic Literary Culture (2009) and (ed.) Keats's Places (2018). He is also co-author of a wide-ranging study, Food and the Literary Imagination (2014). He is the winner of the 2007 "Keats-Shelley Prize" for poetry, and won the 2010 Wales Book of the Year "People's Choice" for his poetry collection, Wan Hu's Flying Chair (2009). Richard has been involved in several collaborative Arts-Science projects, and is a regular guest on BBC arts and culture programmes. He is also author of a crime novel set in 1810, The Cunning House (2015), and Writing Essays: A Guide for Students in English and the Humanities, 2nd edn (2016). He is Co-Director of the Keats Foundation International Keats Conference.


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