A First Class Student Experience

“The department is like my eccentric second family. From book launches to seminars to their approachability on Twitter, this department makes an enormous effort to get to know each student. Because of this, I am always working hard not just to grow as a student but also to make the department proud!” Alice Vernon, current student

  • Aber English and Creative Writing students are part of a friendly, supportive community of students and staff.
  • As a medium-sized department, we are lucky enough to be able to get to know our students as individuals, which helps us help you reach your full potential – and to have a great time here too.
  • In the annual university awards, voted for by the students, we have won almost every category going, marking our excellence in teaching and pastoral care. This year our students have voted us “Department of the Year”, and the student-run English and Creative Society won “Society of the Year”.
  • In the National Student Survey, our department consistently ranks top 10 in the UK for English and scores an outstanding 97% for overall satisfaction.  This demonstrates how we value the quality of our teaching and learning environment, and your cultural experience, creating memories that our students treasure forever.
  • Our “value-added” scores rank our teaching as being as good as that at Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Durham, Exeter, and St Andrews. 83% of our 2019 class graduated with a 2:1 or a 1st
  • You’ll be taught by world experts – in the recent review of all universities’ research, 97% of our research ranked as world-class or international standard. 
  • The facilities here are some of the best in the UK – the National Library of Wales, next to the university, has a copy of every book published in the UK since the 1920s. We have one of the largest arts centres in the UK on campus, fantastic sporting facilities, a busy Students’ Union, and did we mention that we’re in an area of outstanding natural beauty, with the sea on our doorstep?


David Towsey (English and Creative BA and PhD)

“In 2013 I published my debut novel, the first in a trilogy, and since then I have been continually surprised by the opportunities, and challenges, that novelists in the modern era have to negotiate. Because I write genre fiction I have been welcomed into a large community of writers, readers, reviewers, critics, and – most importantly – fans. I’ve attended international conferences and conventions, given readings, and taken part in panel discussions. As social media continues to grow in scope, writers are engaging with this exciting platform in increasingly sophisticated and innovative ways. I have been interviewed for blogs, guest-blogged on a number of sites, and written articles for online and print content for magazines. I also spend far too much time on Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads, telling myself it’s all work really… But these opportunities are also quite demanding on both my time and my ability as a writer. Studying English and Creative Writing at Aberystwyth University gave me a fantastic skillset to draw on when meeting these challenges. Thanks to my undergraduate degree I am able to identify reader expectations for a wide range of writing formats, and satisfy these expectations in a creative and entertaining manner. Those years also helped me to prioritise deadlines and manage my time effectively to get the most out of day – be it work, writing, or that essential element for a writer: play. As I move towards finishing my trilogy of novels and start to decide what projects come next I’ll be drawing on the exercises and writing prompts that have helped me so much in my career. This, combined with the variety of reading that I undertook at Aberystwyth University, has given me the confidence and skills to move forward as a writer. I continue to draw on the contacts and links I made there as an undergraduate, and I can’t think of a more supportive environment for a young writer.”‌

Megan Gillett

‘As a graduate of English and Creative Writing the number of opportunities presented to me have been overwhelmingly expansive. I have chosen to become a Primary School Teacher and because of my large skill base I have been offered many paths. The degree has given me confidence not only with my academic skills but also my communication and researching abilities which many other degrees cannot offer. These have helped with my applications into teaching, for the interviews and all of thesequalities which the degree has given me will continue to help through-out my professional life.’‌


Thomas Dockerill

During my time as an English student at Aberystwyth, I have had the opportunity to develop my skills in writing, both critically and creatively. The staff are very professional, and the lectures they give are always well balanced between informative and entertaining. If you ever have a Shakespeare lecture with Mike, you’ll understand what I mean. Also, the support staff are brilliant and always helpful, actively taking an interest with the students to make us feel like a part of the departmental family. As an English graduate, I feel confident enough with myself to actively apply and secure jobs, as well as communicate well with employers both in writing and in person. I think my English degree at Aberystwyth has contributed to this level of confidence, and I will always look back at my time here fondly.‌