Frequently Asked Questions

Our graduation FAQS include useful information to help you prepare and plan for graduation.  These pages will be updated in the lead up to ceremonies in July.

Updated  26/03/2024

Graduation Registration - Attending or Not Attending

1.    Am I eligible to come to Graduation?

You are eligible to attend Graduation if you have completed your degree successfully before the end of June or have received an award from Aberystwyth University other than from Lifelong Learning or Welsh For Adults. Lifelong Learning and Welsh for Adults students have their own ceremony.  Students who are awarded a qualification after the beginning of July will be eligible to attend the next Graduation Ceremonies in July of the following year.

2.    How do I register for Graduation?

All students eligible to attend the July 2024 graduation ceremonies will be required to register whether they would like to come or not through the 'Graduation' task on their student record around the beginning of April 2024.  This is regardless of whether or not you have previously expressed an interest in attending.  You will receive an email at the beginning of April with further information about the task.

You will be asked  by email  to log on to your Student Record on the web to complete the 'Register for Graduation' task which will appear as a button under 'My Tasks' on your student record home page by the end of the first week of April.  If you have not received an email or the task does not appear on your Student Record on the web by the end of the first week in April then you should contact us at and we will advise you further.  The deadline for completing the Graduation Registration task is the 30 April at the latest.  If you do not complete the Graduation Registration process by this date we cannot guarantee you a place at Graduation.

You should note however that you need to order your robe/gown and make arrangements for accommodation etc. separately. 

3.    What if I no longer have access to my Student Record?

Almost all taught students should have access to their Student Record as long as you are using the same email ID and password as you had when you were registered last. 

If you no longer have access to your Student Record you will be contacted through your private email account and asked to use a link in order to complete your Graduation preference. 

If you do not receive an email or you cannot access your Student Record you should contact for further information and help.

4.    What if I don't want to go to the Graduation Ceremony? 

It is not compulsory to attend the Ceremony you can opt to graduate in absentia, and to do so all you need to do is complete the Graduation task on Your Student Record online when it is available.  It is essential that you complete the task so that we know that the details we will print on your final Certificate are correct and that the home address we will post it to is also correct.

5.    I have missed the Graduation Registration deadline, what should I do?

If you want to come to the ceremony you must contact us immediately by emailing and we will do our best to try and accommodate you and your guests however it depends on how many places we have left in your ceremony.  In your email to  you should give us your full name as you would like it to appear on your award certificate, your student reference number and your study scheme details.  Unfortunately registering after the 30 April means that we cannot guarantee you a place at Graduation. 

If you do not wish to attend the ceremony but missed the 30 April deadline to inform us you should email immediately.  You will need to confirm your full name as you would like it to appear on your Certificate, your student reference number, your study scheme details and the address you would like the Certificate to be posted.

6.    Am I able to defer attending a Graduation Ceremony?

If you do not wish to attend Graduation in the July of your final year of study, you are permitted to defer your attendance for one year only and ask to come to the July Graduation ceremony the following year.  However to do this you must contact before the 30 April deadline to request to be deferred.  If you do not ask to be deferred or you do nothing you will automatically be deemed to have 'graduated in absentia' and you will not be able to come to any future ceremony.

7.     Can I choose which ceremony I attend?

No, unfortunately it is not possible for a student to choose the ceremony they wish to attend.

8.    I have already received my final degree certificate; can I still attend a ceremony?

Yes, If you indicated that you wished to attend a ceremony you will be invited to officially register to attend. If you indicated that you wished to graduate in Absentia you will not be asked to attend.

9.    I missed the event in 2023.  Can I come to this one?

If you deferred your attendance in 2023 by contacting us on then you will be eligible to come to the next Graduation event.

If you said you were going to be present but didn't turn up then you will not be able to come to any future ceremony.

If you did nothing in 2023 and didn't tell us whether you intended to come to Graduation or not we will have automatically deemed you as having 'graduated in absentia', and will not be able to come to any future ceremony. 

10.   I may have some outstanding debt owing to the University, can I still attend?

If you have any outstanding tuition fees owing to the University you will not be allowed to attend Graduation or be issued with your final award certificate until the debt has been cleared in full.  You must ensure you have paid all debts by the end of May.  If you are unsure whether you have any debts owing we advise you contact the Fees Office on   

11.   How do I get a letter to obtain a visa to attend the graduation ceremony?

Our Certification team (email; ) is dealing with invitation letters for graduation ceremonies.  This service is for students only, who have left the UK but wish to return to Aberystwyth to attend their graduation ceremony in July.  The University is not able to issue invitation letters to family or friends of graduands.  Family and friends should apply for a 'visitor visa'.  Information on how to apply can be found here


Ceremony Information

1.    When are the ceremonies held?

Graduation 2024 will take place in the Arts Centre’s Great Hall from the 16-18 July, with 7 ceremonies planned over three days. 

Please refer to the Order of Ceremonies webpage for the schedule for Graduation 2024.  

2.    Where are the ceremonies held?

All the ceremonies will be held in the Great Hall of the Arts Centre, Penglais Campus in Aberystwyth. (

3.    Where do I sit in my Ceremony?

The seating arrangements are carefully planned so that you arrive on stage when your name is being called.  There will be a team of staff on hand to help you find your seat.  Once seated in your allocated seat please do not change seats with anyone else as this could lead to the wrong name being called out when you are on stage.

4.    What if I don't want to go to the Ceremony? 

It is not compulsory to attend the Ceremony.  You can opt not to attend, and to do so all you need to do is complete the Graduation task on Your Student Record online when it is available.  It is essential that you complete the task so that we know that the details we will print on your final award Certificate are correct and that the address we will post it to is also correct.

5.    My ceremony date is inconvenient.  Can I attend another ceremony?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change your ceremony date.  If you cannot attend the prescribed date you will graduate in absentia.

6.    Will the ceremony be livestreamed?

All ceremonies will be broadcasted live on our graduation website and can be watched via the internet. Our graduation webpages will be updated closer to the event with further information.


1.    How many guest tickets will I be allocated?

Every student who has registered to attend a ceremony will automatically be allocated two guest tickets.  Entry to the ceremony for all guests will be by ticket only.  Graduating Students do not require a ticket, you will be allocated a seat in the ceremony as long as you have completed the Graduation task on your Student Record by the 30 April deadline.

2.    Where do I collect my guest tickets?

Your guest tickets will be waiting for you to collect when you register on campus on the day of your ceremony. 

Further details will be provided in advance about where on the Penglais campus you will register.

3.    What if I want more than two guest tickets?

Please note, in the event that spare tickets become available for guest entry into the Great Hall, these will be released on a first come basis at the registration desk.  In this situation, these will only be released once registration for the ceremony concerned has opened - any available tickets may be limited to a maximum of 2 per graduand.

Although tickets to the Great Hall are limited, you can bring additional family and friends with you to your graduation as the ceremonies are also streamed live to locations on campus.  Even if your family and friends are unable to secure an additional ticket for the day, they can still enjoy and be part of your special day at your graduation.  An advantage of viewing the ceremonies via live stream on campus is that your friends and family are free to get up and move around during the ceremony.


1.    Do I have to wear a Robe/Gown to my ceremony?

Yes.  In order to be allowed to attend the ceremony you MUST wear a robe/gown.  If you are not in your robe/gown you will not be allowed to attend the ceremony. 

2.    Do I need to order a Robe/Gown before Graduation?

Yes.  You must order your robe/gown before Graduation to ensure that one will be there for you on the day. Information on ordering your robe/gown will be available by the end of May.

3.    When do I collect my Robe/Gown?

You will collect your robe/gown on the day of your ceremony in the Parry Williams Building on Penglais Campus.  Staff will be on hand to direct you to the robing area.

Additional information on the schedule for the day, including when to collect your robe / gown will be provided in May.  The time at which your gown must be returned on the day will be confirmed when booking with the gown suppliers.

4.    What do I need to bring with me to collect my robe/gown?

You will need to provide photo ID (e.g. Aber Card), at the point of collection and have access to your emails from the gown hire company in the rare case of a query with your booking.

5.    How do I wear my cap and robe?

The robing staff will be on hand to help you and ensure you are dressed correctly.  

Graduation Day

1.    What time should I arrive on the day?

You should arrive early enough in order to give yourself enough time to complete registration and collect your robe without having to rush.  Remember that it will be busy and you may have to queue for registration and robes.  Further information on the schedule for the day will be available online in May.

2.    When do I need to be at the Great Hall?

You are asked to present yourself for rehearsals at the Great Hall before the ceremony starts. Students are to be seated in the Great Hall 45 minutes before the ceremony is scheduled to start.

3.    What do I do first?   

Your first task should be to register in the Hugh Owen Library.  Further details will be provided in advance about the registration time slot for your ceremony.

4.    What do I do if I am late?   

If you arrive late and you have missed registration you should go along to the Registration Desk immediately where staff will be on hand to help.

5.    What does registration involve?

When you register you will be given your identity card bearing your name and seat number and your guest tickets.  Please keep your identity card safe as you will need to hand it to the Chief Marshal as you go on stage to receive your award in the ceremony.

6.    Where and when do I collect my cap and robe/gown?

Graduands taking an Aberystwyth award should hire their Academic Dress (robe) , please see the Robe section of the website for more information. 

7.    How will I know what to do during the ceremony?

We run rehearsals in the Great Hall for each ceremony.  You are asked to present yourself for your rehearsal before the ceremony. Students are to be seated in the Great Hall 45 minutes before the ceremony is scheduled to start.

It is essential for all students to attend their rehearsal to ensure they are aware of the conduct of the ceremonies.  Rehearsals last about half an hour.  Please ensure you are sitting in the correct seat number as shown on your identity card which you will have collected when you registered.

8.    Do I sit anywhere in the ceremony?

No, it is important that you sit in the seat number allocated to you.  Your seat number will be printed on your identity card which you collect at registration.  It is important you keep this card safe as you will be asked to hand it to the Chief Marshal before you go on to the stage.  If you are unsure about which seat you should sit in there will be member of staff on hand to help you.

9.    What do I need to take with me to the ceremony?

You need to be dressed correctly in your robe.  Please ensure you have your identity card (given to you when you registered); you will need to hand this in to the Chief Marshall before you go on stage.  Please ensure you have left any guest tickets with your accompanying visitors before the rehearsal as they will need these for entry into the Great Hall.

Please note that, once you have been on stage, you will not necessarily return to the same seat that you occupied at the start of the ceremony.  Therefore please avoid carrying handbags, cameras etc. with you during the ceremony.

10.    What does the ceremony involve?

In the ceremony, you will be “presented” to the Vice-Chancellor by a Presenter who will read out your name and the names of your fellow students being admitted to the same degree. When your name is called, you will walk across the stage and the Vice-Chancellor will doff their cap to you. You will then return to be seated. When all admissions to your particular degree have been completed, you will be asked to stand to receive the Greetings of the Chancellor/Vice Chancellor of the University.  This process will be explained to you in the rehearsal prior to your ceremony.


  • A Marshal will collect you from your seats when it is time to go on stage to be presented to the Vice-Chancellor.
  • Follow the Marshal and stay in the order you have been placed.
  • The Presenter will read the names of each student.
  • When your name is read out you will walk towards the Vice-Chancellor.
  • The Marshals will take you back to be seated.

When all presentations to a particular award have been completed (e.g. all BA candidates), all those students will be asked to stand to be admitted to their degree by the Vice-Chancellor and to receive the Greetings of the Chancellor of the University.

11.   Can I leave as soon as I get my award?

Except in an emergency, students are expected to remain seated throughout the ceremony.

12.   How long does a ceremony last?

The ceremony will last approximately 1 hour 20 minutes.  There is also a 30 minute rehearsal before each ceremony which graduands must attend.  Students are to be seated in the Great Hall 45 minutes before the ceremony is scheduled to start.

13.   Is the ceremony recorded and is my name in the commemorative programme?

Yes, students, guests and staff attending graduation should be aware that degree and award congregations are regarded as public events.

Names and awards (including those receiving their award in absentia) are published in the programme.

Audio and Visual images of the congregation are publicly available via a live webstream

14.   Can I collect my Award Certificate on the day?

If you complete your degree in June, certificates can be collected on the day of your ceremony, further information on where to collect your certificate will be provided in advance of the ceremony.  If you are not attending Graduation, your certificate will be posted within 6 to 8 weeks of the ceremony. 

15.   What happens after the ceremony?

Immediately after the ceremony you are invited to congregate on the La Scala steps, outside the Arts Centre, for departmental group photos.  Most departments hold their own receptions, either prior to or after the ceremony.  Your department will contact you directly.

Official Photography

The University’s Official Graduation Photographers will offer a drop in service throughout the day.  Further information can be found on the Commemorative Photography webpage.

Guests and Visitors

1.    Where is Graduation held?

Graduation is held on the main Penglais Campus in the Aberystwyth Arts Centre's Great Hall.  Our maps and travel web pages have useful information to help plan your journey.

2.    Where do we collect our guest tickets?

The guest tickets are given to the student when they register at the Graduation Registration Desk before the ceremony.  Attendance at the ceremony is by ticket only however guests can still come along to enjoy the day as all the ceremonies are streamed live on large screens in the Arts Centre Cinema and Students' Union.   

3.    Can I and my guests take photographs during the ceremony?

Yes, students and guests are permitted to take photographs during the ceremony.

4.    Where can we park?

Staff will be on hand to direct visitors to the available car parks on, and adjacent to campus.  A section of the Arts Centre car park will be reserved for disabled permit holders.  A shuttle bus service will be available for visitors parking in the car parks furthest from the Arts Centre. 

5.    Is there a provision for disabled guests?

Students whose guests have special requirements are asked to complete the section called 'Special Requirements' on the Graduation task on the Student Record during April, giving as much information as possible in order for us to ensure we make appropriate arrangements.  University staff may also contact you nearer the time of the ceremonies to confirm arrangements.  Students who have problems accessing this task should contact with details of the special requirements.

6.    What happens after the ceremony?

Immediately after the ceremony students are invited to congregate on the La Scala steps, outside the Arts Centre, for group photos.  Most departments hold their own receptions, either prior to or after the ceremony.  The department will contact the graduand directly.

7.    Does the University have any accommodation available for visitors attending Graduation?

A range of accommodation options are available on campus over the graduation period for individuals and groups; early booking is advised to avoid disappointment. Please visit the Graduation Accommodation webpage for further information. Bookings for University accommodation are managed by the University’s Conference Office ( / 01970 621960). 

8.    Are there places to eat?

There are a number of places to eat on campus and in the town.  Further information on campus based outlets can be found on the the Hospitality Services webpages.  Please note all outlets on campus are cashless – we accept all debit and credit cards and Apple Pay.

9.    Can I bring my dog to Graduation ?

It is the University’s policy, that subject to limited exceptions, animals are not allowed into it’s workplaces or residential accommodation.  As such, with the exception of assistance animals please note that it will not be possible to bring your dog to campus for graduation.  In line with the University’s  ‘Animals on Campus’ Policy, no animals should be left in parked vehicles on campus and animals must not be tied up outside buildings.  If you, or one of your guests, will be accompanied by an assistance animal, please note this as part of the special requirements section of your graduation booking to assist us when planning seating arrangements and providing information in advance of the day.

Award Certificates

1.    When will I receive my Award Certificate?

If you complete your course at the end of Semester 2 your award certificate will be available for you to collect after your graduation ceremony. 

If you complete your course and receive your results at any other time of the year (therefore not in June), you should have received your award certificate by post to the home address recorded on your student record.

2.    Where is my certificate posted to if I choose not to go to graduation?

Certificates are posted to the home address recorded on your Student Record.  Please ensure you check your address details before the end of your course to ensure we post it to the correct address.

3.    It has been more than 6 weeks since graduation and I haven't received my certificate?

Please email the Graduation Office on with your details.

4.    My certificate has been lost or destroyed, how do I order a replacement?

Aberystwyth University

Graduates with an 'Aberystwyth University' degree from 2010 onwards can obtain a replacement certificate from the following webpage : Request a Replacement Certificate. 

University of Wales

Graduates with a degree from the 'University of Wales' can obtain their replacement certificates by contacting the University of Wales Registry. Details on how to obtain your certificate can be accessed by clicking on the following link Replacement Certificates.