Study Abroad Opportunities


Having a range of experiences is very valuable for life after university, and excellent opportunities are provided by the Erasmus or Study Abroad schemes. History & Welsh History have established Erasmus exchange programmes with universities in Germany, Prague, Budapest and Norway. The Department also has institutional links with America, Canada and Thailand which all provide students with the opportunity to craft a degree to their own interests. In the History Department we have a dedicated Erasmus and International Officer who will support you during the application process and Aberystwyth University has a study abroad office ( that will be there to help answer any questions before, during and after your trip.   

Why take a year Abroad?

For my year abroad I went to Charles University in Prague. Whilst there I did more than just academic work; I worked for the university’s newspaper, and even gave a lecture to a group of Erasmus and Czech students. I also took full advantage of exploring Prague and the countries that surround the Czech Republic. All in all, it was a wonderful and eye-opening experience. It added colour to my degree, giving it more value and potency.

Doing Erasmus, you are thrust into a foreign country with a different language, and you have to get used to new standards, systems of doing things and accommodation. It’s like first year all over again, but with added difficulties. Yet, it is clearly worth it because it makes you more valuable to employers, giving you bragging rights both professionally and socially!

William Hannell, History Department Erasmus Exchange Student, 2013/2014