Studying through the medium of Welsh

Here at Aberystwyth University, we offer a high level of provision for students to be able to study through the medium of Welsh - one of the highest in Wales.

Our Department is one of the University's major providers of Welsh-medium teaching. We offer opportunities for students who are fluent in Welsh, in addition to those who are less confident or learners.

We have several members of staff who teach through the medium of Welsh. We are therefore able to offer an engaging range of modules in Welsh relating to Wales, Britain, Europe and America from the medieval period to the present day, and we offer you the opportunity to study BA Hanes V101 entirely through the medium of Welsh.

There is a great deal of flexibility over the choice of language. There are variations in undergraduate course modules and the amount that can be studied through the medium of Welsh. You can also study modules in Welsh even if you are studying mainly in English, and you also have the right to submit work for assessments, including essays and sitting exams, in Welsh, even if the modules have been taught through the medium of English. Find out more about this on the Centre for Welsh Language Services website

All Welsh-medium students are routinely allocated a Welsh-speaking personal tutor to help advise them on this and other matters. 

There are many advantages to studying your course partly or entirely through the medium of Welsh. Find out about the scholarships offered by the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol and use their course finder to get further information about the courses that you can study wholly or partly through the medium of Welsh at Aberystwyth University. We also have our own scholarship scheme which rewards all students who choose to follow part or all of their course through the medium of Welsh. Find out more on our  page.

But it isn't all about financial gain. By choosing to study through the medium of Welsh, you will become a part of our Welsh-speaking community, where you will be taught in small groups and develop a close working relationship with your lecturers and fellow students. At the same time, you will develop bilingual skills which will be advantageous when searching for employment.