Dr Michael Roberts

Dr Michael Roberts

Emeritus Lecturer

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Recovering a lost inheritance: The marital economy and its absence from the Prehistory of Economics in BritainRoberts, M., 2005 , The Marital Economy in Scandinavia and Britain 1400-1900.Taylor & Francis, p. 239-25618 p.
Sickles and Scythes revisited: Harvest work, wages and symbolic meaningsRoberts, M., 2004 , Women, Work and Wages in England, 1600-1850. Lane, P., Raven, N. & Snell, K. (eds.). Boydell & Brewer, p. 68-10134 p.
'A Witty Book, but mostly feigned': William Richards' Wallography and perceptions of Wales in later seventeenth-century EnglandRoberts, M. F., 2004 , Archipelagic Identities: Literature and identity in the Atlantic Archipelago, 1550-1800. Schwyzer, P. & Mealor, S. (eds.). Taylor & Francis, p. 153-16513 p.
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