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Professor Peter Borsay BA, PhD (Lancaster) is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. He is a historian of early modern and modern Britain, particularly social, urban and cultural history. Professor Borsay is a committee member of the Pre-Modern Towns Group, a member of the International Advisory Board for Urban History and a member of the Advisory Board for The Journal of Tourism History. He has also been a member of the AHRC Peer Review College.


Module Coordinator

Professor Borsay teaches widely in British and European History from the late medieval to modern periods. At Part One he delivers an option module on 'Stuart England'. At Part Two he delivers an option module on 'From Black Death to Great Fire: the British Town 1348-1700' and a Skills, methods and sources module on 'Investigating Georgian and Victorian landscapes'; he also contributes to survey modules on' Early Modernity' and 'the British Isles in the Long Eighteenth Century', the core Part Two undergraduate module on 'Historians and the Writing of History', and to supervising dissertations. At MA level he contributes to a number of modules in the 18th century fields, and supervises dissertations.

PhD supervision:

He supervises dissertations in a variety of fields, especially eighteenth and nineteenth century urban, landscape, and leisure history, and heritage studies.


Professor Peter Borsay is currently researching the following areas: • Various aspects of British urban history 1600-2000 • Spas and seaside resorts. He was engaged in a joint project to explore the history of the resorts of Wales and the Bristol Channel 1750-1914, funded by the Board of Celtic Studies, with his own research focused on Tenby. As part of the project a bibliographical database was produced (, along with a range of conference papers and a number of publications, which included a volume of essays, edited with John Walton, on Resorts and Ports: European Seaside Towns since 1700 (Channel View, 2011). • Landscape and Heritage. Since the publication of The Image of Georgian Bath (2000) he has continued to research architectural and landscape history, the history of heritage, and the history of urban green space. He is working on a monograph for Bloomsbury on The Discovery of England, which focuses on tourism and the consumption of urban and rural landscapes between c. 1837 and 1940. Some of the results of this research can be seen in ‘Nature, the past and the English town: a counter-cultural history’, Urban History (2016). • Leisure. Developing the recreational theme in his English Urban Renaissance (1989) and History of Leisure (2006) he continues to explore various aspects of the subject of leisure. In autumn 2010 he, along with Jan Hein Furnée, co-organized an exploratory workshop (funded by the European Science Foundation) which led to a jointly edited volume on Leisure Cultures in Urban Europe, c. 1700-1870: a Transnational Perspective (Manchester University Press, 2016).



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