Studying through the medium of Welsh

Here in Aberystwyth University, we are home to a lively, diverse academic community, and we’re keen to welcome you here to take advantage of that academic life as well as the golden opportunities to be part of the University’s vibrant social life, and to do so through the medium of Welsh.  


Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol scholarships are available to students who study through the medium of Welsh. In addition to that, students who study at least five credits a year in Welsh will automatically receive the Aberystwyth University Welsh Medium Scholarship. 

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The ability to communicate confidently in both Welsh and English when speaking and writing is a very advantageous skill to have in the workplace, and studying through the medium of Welsh, or bilingually, develops these skills and will give you an advantage in the jobs market. In addition, graduates who are able to work bilingually earn above the national average. 

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