Please note:

  1. Any personal electrical equipment brought into AU academic premises that is to be connected to the mains power supply should be checked for electrical safety before use.

    Certain items of privately-owned mains-powered electrical equipment are NOT allowed to be used in AU premises. These include:

    • Room heaters (of any type)
    • Kettles or coffee makers
    • Toasters or other cooking equipment
    • Fans or portable air conditioning units
    • Power tools

    If such items are needed then they should be obtained (if approved) by the department concerned and entered into the PAT testing inventory. If in doubt, please contact the Health, Safety & Environmental Advisor for guidance.

  2. Students and staff resident in Aberystwyth University accommodation must follow the rules specified by Residential & Hospitality Services.
  3. Contractors must follow the rules specified by the Estates Development Department and Campus Services.

Portable and Transportable Electrical Appliance Testing

Departments are responsible for ensuring their portable electrical appliances are safe; this can be done via a regular testing regime undertaken by competent persons (either departmental staff or electrical contractors).

Suggested timescales for testing of equipment used in low-risk environments are given below. Electrical equipment used in higher risk environments (such as construction sites and farms) should be tested much more frequently - the HSE has guidance (see link below). Equipment that is loaned out (such as to students for projects) should be tested every time it is returned.

The Estates Department have negotiated University rates for PAT testing with a local service provider. Departments may wish to avail themselves of this service: PAT testing rates, Electrical Estimates Ltd

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Suggested intervals for testing

(Offices and other low-risk environments only)

Equipment / EnvironmentUser
Formal visual inspectionCombined inspection and testing
(less than 40 volts)
No No No
Extra low voltage:
(less than 50 volts AC) eg telephone equipment, low voltage desk lights
No No No
Information technology: eg desktop computers, VDU screens No Yes
2 - 4 years
Not if double insulated
Otherwise up to 5 years
Photocopiers, fax machines: NOT hand held. Rarely removed No Yes
2 - 4 years
No if double insulated
Otherwise up to 5 years
Double insulated equipment: NOT hand-held. Moved occasionally,
eg fans, table lamps, slide projectors
No Yes
2 - 4 years
Double insulated equipment: HAND-HELD eg some floor cleaners Yes Yes
6 months 1 year
Earthed equipment (Class 1): eg electric kettles, some floor cleaners Yes Yes
6 months 1 year
1 - 2 years
Cables (leads) and plugs connected to the above.
Extension leads (mains voltage)
Yes Yes,
6 months - 4 years
depending on the type of equipment it is connected to
1 - 5 years
depending on the type of equipment it is connected to

NB: Experience of operating the maintenance system over a period of time, together with information on faults found, should be used to review the frequency of inspection.

It should also be used to review whether and how often equipment and associated leads and plugs should receive a combined inspection and test.