Fire Safety

Deaf Alerter

A radio based fire alarm warning and messaging system.


Aberystwyth University has installed a new radio-based fire alarm system for deaf and hearing impaired visitors, students and staff. The system is available in most University buildings. The logo, above, is also a Registered Trade Mark and logo stickers have been located on entrance doors to buildings.

Vibrating Alerter, What is it and How does it Work

The Alerter is a small and compact radio-receiver device which vibrates and displays an appropriate message when it receives a signal from a Deaf Alerter transmitter. When a building fire alarm is activated the Deaf Alerter transmitter in turn sets off the alerter which should be worn close to the body to be most effective.

Message Display

Along the top edge of the alerter there is a display box which will display the location of a building when the alerter receives an emergency evacuation alert such as an active fire alarm in a building.

Continuous Audible Alert

Another feature of the Alerter is to emit an audible tone which would assist emergency rescue personnel to identify the presence of an individual with an alerter within a building. The system enables personnel in the location of individuals in the event of a fire, when they have been unable to vacate the building during the emergency.

Allocation of Alerters

An Alerter will be made available to each visitor, student and member of staff that requires one on the basis of a hearing impairment. Personal identification will need to be established prior to the allocation of a deaf alerter.


A supply of alerters is available at central service points for visitors, for example the Penglais Reception Lodge, Sports Centre, Arts Centre, Data Preparation in Llandinam and all Library Issue Desks. Visitors should make an enquiry at the reception area where they see the Deaf Alerter display.


Students will be allocated an alerter via the Accommodation Office or the Health, Safety and Environment Office. A Night Cradle may also be supplied for students in halls of residence. Where a different arrangement exists in any Hall, students will be notified of the local procedure.

Students living in private residences should consult with the HS&E Office.

Alerters should be returned by students at the end of each academic year to the issuing point.


Staff in need of an alerter should contact the Health, Safety and Environment Office.

User Guide

A Deaf Alerter user guide is available from the issuing point.

Leave the Alerter turned On

For day-to-day use it is recommended that the alerter is carried with you at all times, kept close to the body and left turned ON. This means that the battery will need replacing more frequently, so please note the next section on battery care.


Approximately two days before the battery runs out the alerter will signal that the battery is low and needs replacement. Replacement batteries will be organised by the original allocating office; please see below for contact details.

Loss and Replacement

Individuals are responsible for the cost of an alerter replacement in the event of loss. Any faulty alerters should be returned to the issuing point. Replacement alerters will be made available in the event of loss or fault reporting. See contact details below.


The alerters will remain the property of AU and are loan items only. Alerters should be returned by students at the end of each academic year to the issuing point. Staff should return them when they leave employment with the university. Visitors should hand them back when their business with the university is completed on the final day of their visit.

Contact Details

For more details or queries please contact:

Health, Safety and Environment Office - (01970) 622073