Online Incident Reporting System

From September 2022, the Health, Safety and Environment Team will be introducing an online incident reporting system, to replace the current paper-based system for reporting incidents and near misses. The online incident reporting system is intended to be launched on 1 September 2022, and colleagues will be asked to utilise the system when reporting any incidents or near misses from this date.

Benefits of the Online Incident Reporting System

It is hoped that the introduction of the online incident reporting system will improve the ease with which incidents and near misses can be reported within each Faculty and Professional Service Department, improve the visibility with which causes and trends of incidents and near misses can be identified and addressed locally, and reduce the administration burden of undertaking and recording findings of local incident investigations.

What to Report?

The online incident report form should be used to report all incidents and near misses. All incidents and near misses should be recorded, regardless of the respective severity of each event and likelihood of recurrence. The definitions are as follows:

  • Incident = Any undesired or unplanned event that has caused or could have caused death, injury, ill health or damage to assets (loss), the environment or third parties.
  • Near Miss = Any event, which under slightly different circumstances, may have resulted in injury or ill health of people, or damage or loss to property, plant, materials or the environment.
  • Undesirable Circumstance = A set of conditions or circumstances that have the potential to cause injury or ill health.

Why Report?

Prompt reporting and investigating of incidents and near misses can help identify:

  • Necessary amendments to standard operating procedures;
  • Further training needs or requirements;
  • The inadequacy of existing control measures;
  • Trends and patterns e.g. particular types of incidents, common days/times, etc.
  • Unforeseen hazards or consequences.

Addressing these issues could reduce the likelihood and/or severity of any reoccurrence.

Completing an Incident Report Form

Further information on how to complete an incident report form is available here

Incident Investigation

Heads of Department have been asked to identify colleagues who may be required to undertake incident investigations within your area of work. Those colleagues will be required to complete the incident investigation training before they will be able to access the incident investigation element of the system.

The incident investigation training course will provide colleagues with an overview of the principles and primary techniques for undertaking incident investigations alongside an introduction to the online incident reporting system.

Further information relating to this training, including future training dates, are available here.

Further Information

Should you require any further information in relation to the online incident reporting system, please contact the Health, Safety and Environment Team at