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HSE Example Risk Assessments



  • These documents are for guidance only, they should be modified to reflect the local departmental situation, not used on their own.
  • The information in the forms can be copied into the forms used currently in departments.
  • The risk assessment procedure given is not fully comprehensive, further information can be viewed on the risk assessment pages.
  • They are for Aberystwyth University use only, they should not be copied to other organisations or individuals.

All the following example risk assessments are in .pdf format:

Example: Catering Facilities

Example: Cleaning Operations

Example: Computer Workstation

Example: Edged Tools

Example: General Office/Admin Duties

Example: General Office Equipment

Example: Graphic Design

Example: Hand Tools

Example: Laboratory Technician Duties

Example: Lectures

Example: Litter/Debris Collection

Example: Maintaining a Swimming Pool

Example: Manual Handling of Deliveries

Example: Microwave Oven

Example: Non-lab Practical

Example: Water Boilers

Example: Working on a Gantry above a Stage


Reference: Parts of the above are from the following - Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 "General Module Risk Assessment Index for Universities and Colleges" from Health and Safety Direct Ltd.