IBERS Photographic Competition 2018

IBERS Photographic Competition

Are you an IBERS student or member of staff and a keen photographer? If you are, why not enter your photos into the IBERS photographic competition 2018? THE 2018 COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED. THE WINNING IMAGES IN EACH CATEGORY CAN BE VIEWED ON THE LINKS BELOW:

Student Life: 1st Prize - David Casebow, 2nd Prize - Megan Forecast; 3rd Prize - Rowan Thomas

On the Farm: 1st Prize - Tina Kramaric, 2nd Prize - Megan Powell; 3rd Prize - Eloise Mott

Seasons and landscape: 1st Prize - Amanda Fong, 2nd Prize - Tracy Langford; 3rd Prize - David Casebow

Environment and Wildlife: 1st Prize - Peter Tarrant, 2nd Prize - Maria Redgewell; 3rd Prize - Veronica Voll

Science in practice: 1st Prize - Emilia Wysocka, 2nd Prize - Edd Jones; 3rd Prize - Rebecca Wilson

My IBERS (staff only): 1st Prize - Sarah Dalesman, 2nd Prize - Natasha de Vere; 3rd Prize - Laura Lyons

View the complete album of 2018 winning images.