Aberystwyth University scientists credited in potential bovine TB breakthrough

Two skin tests for cattle have been developed by an international team of scientists that can distinguish between animals that are infected with bovine TB and those that have been vaccinated against the disease.

Research by two Aberystwyth scientists has paved the way for a possible breakthrough in the worldwide fight against Bovine TB.

Bovine TB – pan-industry discussion on next steps in battle against disease

Farmers, vets and scientific researchers will come together at the Royal Welsh show to set the agenda in the fight against TB in cattle.  A panel including some of Wales’ most influential figures in the field will consider the role of science, alongside the input of vets and farmers.

Aberystwyth student scoops top prize in Telegraph STEM Awards 2019

Eleanor Wilson (centre), MBiol third year student at Aberystwyth University’s Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences, receiving her prize of £25,000 as the overall winner of The Telegraph STEM Awards 2019.

A radical proposal by an Aberystwyth biochemistry student for a portable test to detect TB in humans has won the top prize in The Telegraph STEM Awards 2019.

Curious Kids: what does it mean to be double jointed?

Doubly bendy. Shutterstock.

If you’re double jointed, it means you have a joint that can bend a lot more than in the average person. This has its upsides and downsides: apart from being a great party trick to show to friends, it might also mean you get injured more easily.