Mr Alan Gay

Mr Alan Gay

Senior Research Scientist

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Plant and crop physiologist with wide interests including photosynthesis, stomatal responses, senescence, cold hardening, crop modelling and growth measurements. Currently working on the use of hyperspectral reflectance of leaves and crops as a diagnostic tool particularly when collected from manned and unmanned aerial platforms as an aid to environmental, vegetation, crop and forestry monitoring and management. Has developed expertise in biological image analyses and interpretation for various uses.

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Combining high-throughput micro-CT-RGB phenotyping and genome-wide association study to dissect the genetic architecture of tiller growth in riceWu, D., Guo, Z., Ye, J., Feng, H., Liu, J., Chen, G., Zheng, J., Yan, D., Yang, X., Xiong, X., Liu, Q., Niu, Z., Gay, A., Doonan, J., Xiong, L. & Yang, W., 2019 , In : Journal of Experimental Botany.70, 2, p. 545-56116 p.
Detection of faecal and gut contamination on chicken carcasses using a chlorophyll-based markerMorgan, S., Theobald, V., Leemans, D., Gay, A. & Scollan, N., 2016 , p. 539.
Polyphenol oxidase-mediated protection against oxidative stress is not associated with enhanced photosynthetic efficiencyBoeckx, T., Webster, R., Winters, A., Webb, J., Gay, A. & Kingston-Smith, A., 2015 , In : Annals of Botany.116, 4, p. 529-54012 p.
The potential of novel Festulolium (2n=4x=28) hybrids as productive, nutrient-use-efficient fodder for ruminantsHumphreys, M. W., O'Donovan, S. A., Farrell, M. S., Gay, A. P. & Kingston-Smith, A. H., 2014 , In : Food and Energy Security.3, 2, p. 98-11013 p.
Objective Definition of Rosette Shape Variation Using a Combined Computer Vision and Data Mining ApproachCamargo-Rodriguez, A., Papadopoulou, D., Spyropoulou, Z., Vlachonasios, K., Doonan, J. H., Gay, A. P. & Candela, H. (ed.), 2014 , In : PLoS One.9, 5, p. e96889
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