Dr Amanda Gibson BSc (Hons), PhD, AFEA

Dr Amanda Gibson

Lecturer Innate Immunology Sêr Cymru

Department of Life Sciences

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Amanda is a member of the Ser Cymru team within the Centre for Excellence in Bovine Tuberculosis based in Carwyn James Building.

Her current research activities surround the understanding of host-pathogen interaction at the very early stages of infection leading to disease progression – specifically to investigate the interaction of M. bovis with the innate immune system of the bovine host. Amanda's research activities are supported by a strong background in immunology and most recently comprehensive training in mycobacteriology.

Centre for Excellence in Bovine Tuberculosis research program is underpinned by 3 main themes: 

  1. Fundamental understanding of early innate immune events leading to infectious disease
  2. Understanding the role of Mycobacterial genetic strain diversity on immune interaction and disease progression
  3. Development of novel paired diagnostics and vaccine technologies



Research Groups

  • One Health
  • Bovine TB, detection, protection and control


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