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Dr Matthew Hegarty

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My research is focused on understanding how changes in the genome or transcriptome of an individual affects its phenotype, and also how genetic diversity affects populations. This research is based in a broad range of biological systems but always with a key theme of identifying genes underpinning physical traits. This is of particular relevance to the plant breeding and animal research programmes at IBERS, where my research brings a genomics aspect to these systems. I have a particular interest in the genetics of hybridisation and polyploidy, as many of the world's major crops are either polyploids or utilise hybrid vigour in their breeding.In addition to my own research interests, which heavily utilise the technology, I also oversee the IBERS Translational Genomics Facility, which supplies access to next-generation DNA sequencing and high-throughput genotyping for projects across IBERS and with collaborative partners.



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